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Pitango Gelato in Fells Point

New spot on the square in Fells Point (next to BOP)

Really, really good stuff.

Flavors run from spicy dark chocolate to white grapefruit.

100% organic ingredients (so they claim).

A bit pricey, but light years better than Maggie Moo's across the street and the waste of money that they sling at Desperate Dave's in the market.

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  1. i walked past there on Monday night and noticed they were open, glad to hear someone's tried it. I'm not a big icecream fan but i certainly know plenty of local friends who are and who'll be happy to hear.

    1. I tried this a week or 2 ago during a stop in Fells Point. Tried the Chocolate Hazlenut and Pistachio. I thought the consistency of the gelato was way off. Pistachio tasted burnt, and the Chocolate Hazlenut was kinda bland. My bf thought the same thing so it wasn't just me. I love gelato so I was kind of disappointed :-(

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        I think this place is great. Try the spicy chocolate--you will not be sorry.

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          had their spicy chocolate...delicious!

      2. Good to hear that there's a new gelato place in the area. I'm always saddened when passing Casa di Roma, with their for rent sign, with NO fantastic gelato. I will check this place out this week.

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          i too have been missing casa di roma-- pitango is definitely a different thing. i've only tried the sorbet-- the mojito was chock full of fresh mint, and the wineberry also obviously was made with fresh fruit, hence the seeds another poster mentioned.

        2. I went this past week and was under-impressed. The gelato didn't have the right mouth feel and my two choices were bland, the Stracciatelli and the almond. But here's what I find really odd: for a place that so proudly advertises they use ONLY the fresh ingredients, some of the fruit flavors seemed weirdly out of season. Apple sorbet in June?

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            Apples are in season in the southern hemisphere (I'm eating a Gala from New Zealand right now). Did they specify local, or just fresh?

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              I'm from Pitango gelato so I am an interested party.
              I just wanted to -objectively-point that almonds do have delicate flavor, which one could put down as bland. Very few people ever tasted gelato made with real almonds, and some may expect the stronger and familiar flavor of the artificial flavoring, it's perfectly ok to like either, but the simple point is that the real thing is what it is, ...and enough said .
              Fresh ingredients simply means that we buy fresh fruit not cans and powders like the rest of the industry. We do find good organic fresh apples in June and they do make a great sorbet.

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                will try it fairly soon; we need more ice cream in East Baltimore

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                  I was in the ice cream business myself for over 20 years, ....always wearing "2 hats"......one as a businessman....the other as a "creative chef". When using "pure, natural ingredients" ....you may be sacrificing tastes that the general public is used to,,,,,( not that thats a bad thing!) I wish you luck...its a delicate balance.

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                    That's really the point, working with fresh ingredients has its challenge that are not that obvious to the consumer ...but the rewards should be obvious, and I think that most people get it instinctively. people accept some inconsistency issues that are inherently related to fresh produce, but they will never tolerate inferior product just because it is organic and fresh.

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                      I went to Pitango with a friend last night, and I brought my husband and daughter back this afternoon! I love gelato and actively seek it out whenever we're in a big city. Pitango rules. My daughter's favorite wasn the white grapefruit sorbet; my husband's, the mojito. I vote for the pistachio, although I enjoyed the almond and dark chocolate as well. I thought the mouth-feel was right on. The flavors were true to their sources. Now I need to find excuses to keep driving to Fells point....

              2. How does this place compare to the Capogiro Gelato folks in Philadelphia (the fresh stuff there, not the stuff you can get at Balducci's)?


                1. My husband and I spent 2 weeks in Italy last fall and ate gelato every day, so when we stumbled across this place this weekend while visiting MD we went right in to check it out. The flavors were amazing and certainly could compete with some of the best that we had in Italy. The almond was very smooth and delicate and I think I could have eatten a pint of the mojito on my own!! I just hope they consider opening one in NJ soon!!

                  1. Had it on Saturday and loved it. We had pistachio which was perfect and the Chocolate Hazelnut ( I can't remember what they call it) which was fantastic but so rich that I just barely finished it. And the people working there were extremely nice and seemed really excited to be working there.

                    1. Went there last night for the first time. Like someone else said the people that work there are really nice and I like how they display the flavors on the wall. Comes is three sizes pint(?), large($6), and small ($4.50). Expensive, but the large is def. enough for two people to share. Because it was dinner for us we ended up getting two larges. One choc. and vanilla and the other hazelnut and wineberry sorbet. Of them the hazelnut was my favorite. Nice and creamy with a distinct hazelnut taste. Not as good as the hazelnut gelato that I had in Prague, but the best that I have had in the US. The wineberry sorbet was really good, my only complaint was that there were too many seeds in it. My BF tasted the spicy chocolate and was not a fan. I didn't ask why so I don't know if it was that he just wasn't a fan of the flavor or if he thought something was wrong with it. Neither of us was impressed by the chocolate. To me flavor wise it tasted no better than Maggie Moo's or Cold Stone, but again the texture was nice. The vanilla was okay, but didn't stand out (but then again does vanilla every really stand out). I don't know if I want to try anymore of their gelatos (except maybe the almond), but I def. want to go back to taste more of the sorbets. Next month I'll be in Italy for a couple weeks so I'll see how it compares to italian gelato.

                      1. The ingredients are REALLY organic, i know the owner very well and have been behind he scenes. Everything is made at a state of the art dairy farm in PA. Do you really want to sacrifice money for taste. This is the only Gelato around that does not use crap dyes, artificial syrups, etc.

                        1. I do get that instinctive feel that I'm eating something fresh and different, like the owner said. A few were slightly "bland" (for example, I wanted a stronger hint of bourbon when it was advertised in one of the vanillas) but the majority are full of flavors you won't find anywhere else in the city. Great for when you want a lighter sorbet too, the white grapefruit is easily my favorite. I don't think anyone has mentioned the best part? They encourage you to get 2 flavors in one cup, and even recommend certain pairings.

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                            The Bourbon Vanilla doesn't contain any Bourbon, although it comes from the Bourbon Vanilla Bean, it is a misleading name

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                              Thanks for the info! Guess I don't have any complaints then...

                          2. I recently tried it and liked it. I was not a big fan of the pistachio, but thought the hazelnut was amazing. The dark chocolate was good and the white grapefruit sorbet was very good. I would definitely go back if in the area. The prices are quite high (a pint is roughly $10).

                            1. I had the peach and hazelnut. Expensive but pretty good. My problem lay with the service. The server nodded and smiled as if she heard everything I asked -- don't fill the cup all the way, mostly peach and just a little hazelnut, that kind of stuff -- and didn't do any of it. I got the feeling she didn't speak English, which shouldn't be a problem, just don't pretend you understand me.

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                                This place is fast moving closer to the top of my list of places to check out. Everything I am reading is making me want to go so I can decide for myself if it's the real deal or not. And yes I've been to Italy no I know what the real deal is. Hell I was even to the Casa di Gelato in Vancouver....218 flavors. heh heh heh


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                                  i definitely recommend trying different flavors. I think some will have you thinking it's the real deal, and others will leave you shrugging your shoulders.

                              2. My husband and I stopped by last night and we are hooked! He had the strawberries and cream and I mixed the chocolate hazelnut with cinnamon. At first I felt it was a bit expensive, but the servings are extremely generous. The small was almost too much for me. I cannot wait to go back and try some other pairings.

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                                  Yeah, they are serving up some really great stuff. They are going to offer a real deal hot chocolate drink this fall/winter and it is not to be missed. It tastes amazing and has this really thick viscosity.

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                                    Love the gelato and last night I experienced the hot chocolate....yummmm....pure decadence....thank you for coming to the neighborhood!

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                                      Last weekend, they were giving out samples of the drinking chocolate. I tried the chocolate hazelnut and it is very rich, but oh so good. It's a good thing I don't make it to Baltimore too frequently as this could be a dangerous place.

                                2. dear Pitagano:

                                  please offer pumpkin gelato (in case you aren't already).

                                  It will make me very happy as I visit there too frequently for my gym attendance to balance it out:)

                                  thank you!

                                  1. LOVE gelato and this place sounds great! I read that Pitango is opening a location in the Reston Town Center. Lets hope as it grows, it's quality does not shrink.

                                    1. Since this thread got a bump, I figured I'd weigh in.

                                      I enjoy the sorbets at Pitango a lot more than I enjoy the gelati. Their gelato is a good product, and I greatly appreciate the attention to the ingredients, but I've been a few times now and it just doesn't have the kind of smooth richness and intensity that I expect from gelato. It's a good product and I won't hesitate to drop back in, but I think billing yourself as a gelateria raises expectations that, for me at least, weren't fulfilled. That said, I agree, it beats most of the competition in the area.

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                                        I felt compelled to update. My wife and I dropped in today and were surprised to discover that the gelato was significantly better than our first visit (we've been eating the sorbets since). Given the other praise here, I'm inclined to think we just got a funny batch or something the first time. What we had today was really very good.

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                                          My experience has been limited to a taste of Baltoellen's gelato after a chow dinner at Carolina's -- I was way too full for dessert. But it was quite tasty. I pass by it fairly frequently going to Broadway Market or Soundgarden.

                                          One of my issues has to be with the space's previous life as Stickyfingers, a goth clothing store. The whole place was painted black. I bought Doc Martens and had my ear pierced there back in the 90s. Given that, I find the pastel green and blonde wood look of the place now slightly creepy.

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                                            But how was the gelato they were serving then?!

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                                                You have to keep in mind that it is not exactly authentic gelato. It's dairy gelato.


                                                Authentic gelato is made with 3 - 4% butterfat, while dairy gelato is made with 5 - 8% butterfat. This gives it the more creamy consistency.

                                                I love this place. I think all their flavors are spot on.

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                                                  FWIW, hotel, Saveur disagrees with the Wikipedia post on a great many items, and I typically find their articles involve better research.

                                                  Point being, as much as I'm a stickler for distinguishing traditional foods from their variants (not as a matter of value, just as a matter of history), gelato is one that's very, very difficult to pin down and I'd be careful about attempting to define it so narrowly -- especially given the wide range of products with long histories that go by the name gelato from one end of Italy to the other.

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                                                    I was simply trying to say to the original few posts that because Pitango's gelato is different from others they have had elsewhere throughout the world, doesn't mean that it should be buttonholed as not worth trying.

                                                    I may have gotten a bit specific as to why it is different from what they've had in the past using the wiki article, but essentially I was saying something very similar to what you said Dmnkly. It may not be what people have had in Italy, but it is still good.

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                                                      A agree with you and I think this applies to many other posts on this board.

                                                      Forget the name they are calling it. Forget that it may or may not be as good as something you had wherever else in the world.

                                                      Is it good for what it is?

                                                      And I think Pitango offers a great product no matter what it is called.


                                            1. re: JonParker

                                              hahaha, I was wondering what happend to Stickyfingers. I remember it being around there somewhere, but couldnt place it. I didnt notice when I went to Pitango; I'd only been to Stickyfingers a couple of times, but it leaves an impression.

                                              On a food note, I really enjoyed thier Mojito sorbet.