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Jun 6, 2007 06:38 AM

Pitango Gelato in Fells Point

New spot on the square in Fells Point (next to BOP)

Really, really good stuff.

Flavors run from spicy dark chocolate to white grapefruit.

100% organic ingredients (so they claim).

A bit pricey, but light years better than Maggie Moo's across the street and the waste of money that they sling at Desperate Dave's in the market.

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  1. i walked past there on Monday night and noticed they were open, glad to hear someone's tried it. I'm not a big icecream fan but i certainly know plenty of local friends who are and who'll be happy to hear.

    1. I tried this a week or 2 ago during a stop in Fells Point. Tried the Chocolate Hazlenut and Pistachio. I thought the consistency of the gelato was way off. Pistachio tasted burnt, and the Chocolate Hazlenut was kinda bland. My bf thought the same thing so it wasn't just me. I love gelato so I was kind of disappointed :-(

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        I think this place is great. Try the spicy chocolate--you will not be sorry.

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          had their spicy chocolate...delicious!

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