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Jun 6, 2007 06:26 AM

Dessert/Coffee near Bowery/Prince?

Looking for a casual dessert and coffee place near Bowery and Prince Street. Just for 6 people to sit down around 9:30PM -- not too trendy or crowded, but just easygoing and fun. A step up from a diner/coffee shop would be great.


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  1. cafe gitane on mott and prince. i don't know how their dessert is but their coffee is good.

    1. ceci cela on spring between mulberry and lafayette has a seating section in the back. Open at 8.

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        Says they close at 10. Doesn't give us much time!

        1. re: chowNYC

          Oh my! I didnt realize you said PM! I misread it for AM. lol sorry. There is 'Room For Dessert' on cleveland btwn kenmare and prince. Or La Esquina http://www.esquinanyc.com/cafeMenu.htm

      2. caffe falai on lafayette between spring and prince has great dessert and coffee, not sure what their hours are like though