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Jun 6, 2007 06:24 AM

BYOB at Hollywood Bowl?

I'm off to a concert this Friday at the Hollywood Bowl and was hoping to toast my husband with champagne as a surprise. Yesterday, I received an email from the Bowl stating that no alcohol will be permitted, and anyone 21 and over wishing to drink must purchase wine or beer within the Bowl. Does anyone know if this is the case for specific concerts or events, or have they implemented a new policy?

Thanks very much!

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  1. What?!?!? I always bring my own wine! TONS of people do.

    Wait, though, what concert is it? Is it the Mariachi concert?

    I think if the concert is one in which the Bowl rent out the venue to another promoter, rather than sponsoring it themselves, you can't bring your own. Give them a call to double check!

    What are you going to see?

    Wait, I looked, Friday is Morrisey.

    I have two possible explanations:

    1: It is put on by an outside promoter, and the bowl wants to avoid potential liability issues, and therefore allows no brought in alcohol. The corw is a somewhat more exciteable one than for, say "A Night of Bach".

    2: They are worried that fans, broght so low by Morrisey's depressing songs, might do something drastic if further brought down by the effects of alcohol.

    That last one is a joke.

    1. Morrisey is a "leased" event at the Bowl,
      no alcohol allowed to be brought in.

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        We've been to several "special" events at the Bowl, and no, you can't bring alcohol in to those. The regular bowl events are another matter.

        However, and I don't advocate it, I do know of someone who brought in a plastic flask of vodka to one special event, and the security didn't find it. But don't do it. It would be wrong...

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          The story they always give is that they don't want to have any issues with "rock" crowds throwing bottles and breaking glass.... No glass bottles are allowed - alcohol or not.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Yes, any concert at the Bowl by an outside promotor/producer has the rule of no alcohol brought in. I would be surprised if you cannot buy a bottle of champagne while there, though you might want to check (and yes it would be marked up).

            1. An alternative is stopping at Yamashiro before the concert and having drinks there - it's an amazing view. I'd recommend parking along Franklin, west of La Brea, and cabbing it (or hiking if you have the energy - it's not far just steep) up to Yamashiro, then cab or walk back down the other side of the hill to the Bowl.

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                Hi, they will have small 'champagne' bottles for sale, & if I recall correctly, it will include plastic glasses. The price was more reasonable than we expected. They had a cart set up. We purchased some for the Oasis concert, & it wasn't bad. It is definitely because it is an 'outside' event. Concerts put on by the Bowl itself (like the classical nights) you can bring your own wine.