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Jun 6, 2007 06:18 AM

Grilling Cookbooks

Looking to buy 2 cookbooks that focus on grilling as a Father's Day Gift, with simple recipes, a few pointers, and photos. Am not looking to get a technique book, since he's been grilling forever.
Was thinking of getting one Bobby Flay book, and something else.

Any favorites out there?

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  1. Chris Schlesinger's Thrill of the Grill is a staple in jfood-land

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    1. The BBQ Bible. Steven Reichlen. It really is great. And surprisingly--Omaha Steaks has a couple of really good BBQ books--and you can order him some steaks to cook you!

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      1. re: King SVELT

        Another Raichlen book to consider is BBQ USA. Lots of simple, interesting regional recipes. And lots of interesting sidebars for grilling fanatics.

      2. I strongly recommend Weber's own "Real Grilling" cookbook which can be purcashed from their online store, Amazon or other locations (I personally bought my copy in a Toronto-area CostCo!)

        Beautiful photos of each and every recipe...

        Also, the Bobby Flay "Boy Meets Grill" book is great (I noticed that you were already thinking about Flay) although this one doesn't have tons of pictures.

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        1. re: elkerette

          It doesn't need to be too picture heavy, I just don't want it to be like a textbook! :)

        2. cheryl and bill jameson's bbq/grilling book is excellent

          anything by reichlen & schlesinger will be good

          dotty griffith's "celebrating barbecue" is a wonderful small book on the 4 basic types of BBQ-- different than grilling, you understand. . .

          maybe, for father's day, you could get an old copy of james beard's book of outdoor cookery-- all manner of cooking and eating alfresco, including shore lunches and picnics-- this is only if Dad would find it an entertaining read, of course!

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            thanks, will look it those! and i'll check out the james beard for myself!

          2. Williams Sonoma Grilling is GREAT!!!!