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Jun 6, 2007 05:59 AM

Kennebunkport/Portland in August

Greetings Chowhounders. I have just booked a long weekend in early August in Kennebunkport. I am looking for recommendations for all meals in Kennebunkport, Portland and the general vicinity. I have not been to this part of Maine for 3 or 4 years (I have been to the White Barn, Fore Street, Street & Co.) and would love to hear what you all recommend at any price point or type of cuisine. Thank you in advance.

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  1. I had a great experience taking the ferry out to Peaks Island (15 min ride - $3.95) to a great restaurant called Cockeyed Gull. Lots of great reviews. It's walking distance from the ferry, awesome skyline views of Portland, food was fabulous-toouch of asian flare, outside dining too.

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      Very intriguing. I will look into the ferry. Thank you.

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        And I love the White Barn Inn (if that gives you any indication of us being on the same page) - I just love also making new experiences too and adding a ferry ride on nice night adds a new dimesion to just a wonderful dining experience. We spent the weekend out there and had 4 fabulous meals so even if you don't make it for dinner, their lunch is fabulous too(some of the best fried calamari I've had in ages - just sooo lightly fried, perfectly fried w/ hint of batter) and the best spread for breakfast too (smoked salmon, huge capers, wonderful sour dough bread, cream cheese, lemon wedges and red onions) - I was in heaven. They had traditional wonderful breakfasts too but I'm just a huge fan on this for breakfast. We recommmended this place to someone celebrating their anniversary and ran into them later that night - that were soooooo thankful - loved it.

    2. My wife and I spend a weekend in Ogunquit every summer and we always make the "well worth it" drive up to Kennebunkport to have dinner at Hurricane Restaurant.. We have probably six or seven meals under our belts and have never been anything short of thrilled from beginning to end. Here's a link...give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

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        I have never heard of Hurricane Restaurant but will add it to my list. Thank you.

      2. I second the recommendation for Hurricane. We have been eating there for about 35 years- in its previous location in Ogunquit and in its current location in Kennebunkport. The oysters are excellent and the "rich and ritzy" baked stuffed lobster is not to be missed. make a reservation. Another great place but very casual and no reservations is in Cape Porpoise - about ten minutes from center of Kennebunkport- the Ramp- a bar located behind and under the Pier 77 restaurant. Also, you should drive to Ogunquit and have an wonderful diner with an excellent view of the ocean at MCPerkins Cove. It is owned by the owners of Arrows- another great place but very pricey- nationally acclaimed restaurant in Ogunquit in an old farmhouse in the woods sorrounded by beautiful flower gardens and vegetable gardens which supply most of their produce. Highly recommended.

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          I really enjoyed Cinque Terre when we were there a couple of years ago. Right next to Street and Co.

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            Thanks for your recs. I am hoping to try The Ramp tomorrow night, MC Perkins Cove on Saturday night and on the way back on Sunday, Flo's Hotdogs. What do you think?

            1. re: paulgardner

              Sounds great to me. Re Flo's hot dogs- if you have never been you might want to go to the original in York. They are only open 11-3. However, the one in Wells on Route one on the right side when heading south from Kennbunkport is open longer hours and very seldom has a line. If you go there just be sure not to order anything other than the dog with Flo's hot sauce( skip the chili etc). Also, pick up a jar of hot sauce. The third Flo;s which is sort of in between -more busy than Wells and less than York- is in the parking lot next to the Kittery Trading post. I think waiting in the line in York is unneccesary (and it can be up to an hour).
              Hope you enjoy your weekend.

              1. re: paulgardner

                I'm a little/lot in responding to your post Paul. But if you can read this in time, get a minimum of 3 or 4 of the Flo's specials, seriously! And as emileif already said,buy a jar or two of sauce :-))

                1. re: Harp00n

                  Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out to go to Flo's, they are only open 11-3 and because the weather was so nice we stayed at Goose Rocks Beach until about 4:30. Here is a rundown of the weekend eats, the views ended up being far superior to the food. Friday night we went to The Ramp. As advertised, the view was good, it was small and very casual, all to our liking. For food, we split the crab cakes, clam chowder and caeser salad. Everything was just average except the chowder was below average, it did not have a strong enough clam or seafood flavor and it was pink (they may have used a little tomato as a base). On Saturday evening we went to MC Perkins Cove. Again, as advertised, the views were spectacular. We split crab cakes, calamari, a white pizza and the kobe beef burger. The crab cakes were very good, the calamari were just fair (they used a ground chick pea batter, probably in an attempt to make it a bit out of the ordinary...didn't really work well), the pizza had little flavor and was not good; the best was the kobe beef burger, I have never had kobe beef nor have I spent $19 on a burger, but the kobe beef had a very nice, fairly strong beefy flavor, far better and unlike any supermarket ground beef. Our bill came to $96 including, tax, tip and 2 glasses of wine and 1 Bloody Mary. On the way back to the Boston area, we stopped at Bob's Clam Shack in Kittery. Now I want to be clear, while I wouldn't recommend anyone to go out of their way to go to Bob's, we did get a very serviceable lobster roll and bowl of clam chowder; the lobster roll was $12.95, consisted of probably all knuckle and claw meat and a very little mayo, it was pretty good and the clam chowder was also pretty good. Don't think I would go back to any of the above but the good news was that Goose Rocks Beach was beautiful, next time I think I will try Allison's in Kennebunport and go North to Two Lights Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth or maybe the Cockeyed Gull on Peaks Island.

                  1. re: paulgardner

                    Sorry to hear things didn;t go so well. I love the Kobe burger at MC. Glad you did too. I never order thae calamari there because of the description- chick pea flour- does not sound right. Re Flo's - I thought my post was clear that the one in York- the original-is open 11-3 but the other two are open longer hours. Sorry!!
                    I guess you didn;t have fried clams at Bob;s?? I have not had them for some time and wonder if they are as good as they used to be.

                    1. re: emilief

                      I was aware of the hours at Flo's but I did want to try the original and it just didn't work out. As far as Bob's, my wife does not eat clams and I like them but usually with other fish (like a fisherman's platter). I was shocked to see that a large order of clams at Bob's was up to around $37.00!

                      1. re: paulgardner

                        Yikes! and you thought $19 for a hamburger was alot!!!! I wish you had the cockles at MC and something else that you would have liked. It really has alot of strengths. Anyway, the view is worth it!
                        Nest time try Hurricane in Kennebunkport-they used to have one in Ogunquit at the same location as MC. Also there is a wonderful restaurant without a view in Kittery, called Anneke Jans that you migh like to try.

                      2. re: emilief

                        The Flo's in wells is only open from Wed thru Sun. Was just there earlier this week and saw the sign.

                      3. re: paulgardner

                        you will be ver very disappointed at Two Lights. big price, small serving, long line, and leave hungry. But, you will love the view, and thats what you are paying for................

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                          Since your from the area and since the Season(s) are still young, paulgardner, you got work to do! :-))

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                            Hi Paul: We are big fans of Goose Rocks Beach - we try to get a cottage in the area every summer for a week and love to relax on that beautiful stretch of sand! Have you ever tried Mabel's Lobster Claw restaurant? It's on Ocean Ave about a mile out of downtown Kennebunkport. Wonderful fresh fish dishes, chowder and home-made pies. A very informal atmosphere, nice wait staff and a beer, wine and mixed drink menu make it a relaxing place for lunch or dinner (reservations recommended) - Enjoy! Oh, we also enjoy Alisons for local color. Food is pretty much "bar food" but they do try - also they have some big screen TVs in the bar if you want to catch a ball game.

                    2. My husband and I just came back from a quick weekend in Kennebunkport. We enjoyed getting the fried clams and lobster rolls with butter from The Clam Shack--both awesome. Had we been there longer, Bandaloop was highly recommended by several of the guests at our B&B, particularly the quesadillas:

                      Enjoy your weekend, it was beautiful and I hope to go back for longer next time =)

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                      1. re: m25111

                        Oooooooh, looks fabulous, can't wait to try it. Thank you. I really like the looks of this place.

                        1. re: m25111

                          We ate at Bandaloop last summer, and it was fantastic. The food had a number of unusual combinations, as you might find in New York or the better places in Boston. They have an open kitchen, and friendly, if somewhat harried vibe. If the weather's good, the terrace is a great place to sit.

                          We're heading back again this August, definitely.

                        2. Hi - Just got back from a weekend in K-port... Loved all of our meals in town except for our last one, dinner at Mabel's. It wasn't bad, per se, just not as great as White Barn Inn, The Clam Shack (lobster rolls, fried shrimp, chowder), Nunnan's Lobster Shack (the two whole lobsters for $26 is a great deal and tasted fantastic), and a place (I forget the name, but good chowder) on the second floor, one block before Dock Square along Ocean Avenue, right across from Scalawags, a cute dog accessories boutique.

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                            We are locals, and love Hurricanes and Bandaloop for dinner. In Portland, our favs are Yosakus on 1 Danforth St for sushi and great little outdoor patio, and Pepperclub on Middle St for casual, funky menu, great vegetarian specials (altho it is not a vegetarian restaurant), and terrific desserts.