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Jun 6, 2007 05:34 AM

Brunch UWS/Saturday

Having a sleepover with my daughter after the joss stone concert. Promised her brunch after we clean her apt. Need some recs. Thanks in advance

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  1. Sarabeth's and Good Enough to Eat on Amsterdam; also Ocean on Columbus and Jacques Imo (live music, New Orleans cooking). A bit fancier? Telepan or Compass--both great dining experiences....or perhaps some celeb watching at Cafe Luxembourg

    1. How far are you willing to walk? Personally I think the best brunch options are in the West 80s but I used to live up there, so I'm biased.

      The Neptune Room (my favorite)
      Good Enough to Eat
      Nice Matin
      Popover Cafe

      Popover Cafe and Neptune Room will probably have the shortest waits.

      1. If you're higher up, try Crepes on Columbus in the low 100s.

          1. How far up on the UWS will you be? I just did a thread about food near the Museum of Natural History, if you're near there hit up Isabella's, everyone suggested it, it looks really good and has brunch.