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Jun 6, 2007 05:27 AM

Who sells fresh sardines in St. Pete?

Must find some!!!!

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  1. I'm withya brother!
    I've been on the hunt for them for a while!

    I wish the Greek places would do them in Tarpon, but I always strike out wherever and whenever I ask...

    Grilled, with Olive Oil, Lemon, Garlic, and Oregano!

    It's one of my favorite things ever!
    Crazy they're so hard to get in this day and age...

    Your post encouraged me to resume and intensify the hunt...

    I'll keep you in mind if I hit...

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    1. re: Mild Bill

      Thanks! I am shocked that Tarpon Springs isn't doing them! I will start asking too.

    2. You can ask Publix to order some for you if all else fails. Often they are willing to order whatever is it that you need. You may need to wait a couple days but it can be worth it.

      1. Your not going to find them down here.
        ...and if Publix orders them for you. by the time they get them the ones in the tin will be fresher...

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        1. re: byrd

          LOL... Wait, wait... Since this thread, I have seen good lookin' whole sardines on ice at either the Whole Foods on Dale Mabry & 275 in Tampa, or the Fresh Market on Fletcher & Dale Mabry...

          I was standing there looking at them one day and this grumpy old guy was demanding the employee scale and filet a bunch of them, and was furious to hear it couldn't be done... "I don't want to find ONE BONE!" the guy was barking... The patient conscientious employee told him; 'they'll be like hamburger when I'm done', and I backed him up with a nod...

        2. Restaurant Depot sells fresh whole sardines

          1. Save on seafood in Gulfport can order them fresh for you