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Jun 6, 2007 05:27 AM

Need rec on soba place

It's been few months since Honmura An closed its door for good.

My in-laws used to go to Honmura An every year on December 31st for Toshikoshi-soba (Soba to finish the year/enter into new year) -- and we need to start investigating for a new soba place to go now that Honmura An is closed.

Please share your best pick for a soba place in the city.

Thank you !

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  1. Right above Menchanku Tei on 55th, there's a japanese restaurest, which name I failed to get while I was there. But they have one of the best soba's I've had. They specialty is this home-made one. But you have to get there early cause they only make limited portions per day

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    1. re: kelea

      I think you're thinking of Onagashima

      That and Soba Nippon are great in the area, on par or better than EV definitely

    2. Soba-ya E 9th (2nd/3rd)
      Soba Koh E 5th (2nd/1st)

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        Mind sharing your likes/dislikes of the two? I read reviews for both from NYT

        1. re: Hanachan

          I have always really liked Soba-ya, the soba is handmade, and they have lots of other excellent dishes. I love the chicken-shiso tempura and any tataki with ponzu they are serving.

          I have only been to Soba Koh once and everything was great except the noodles broke apart. But they had a really good cold soba with uni.

          You can't go wrong with either--I would try them both and see what you think. You could ask them what they do for new year's.

          1. re: Hanachan

            i think both are really good. soba-ya has an amazing lunch special. but i prefer soba koh for dinner - the space is much nicer, large and airy with lots of wood.

            1. re: shirlotta

              haven’t been to soba koh, but second the lunch special at sobaya, its great; though i do have to mention that it seems as if they are going through some rough times with their staff lately... the service hasn’t been as consistent as usual, any experiences?

              1. re: KNC

                i think they have slipped recently. last time i was there, the cold udon was mediocre (too soft, not enough "spring") and they changed teh bento box side dishes, which used to be a highlight. i used to love their futomaki...

            2. re: Hanachan

              Soba Koh is awesome, i'm a huge fan of soba koh (think its much better than soba ya btw though i like soba ya)

              here's an old post of mine

              1. re: Lau

                ill Definatly give it a try thanx