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Jun 6, 2007 04:10 AM

Atl - Decatur/Dekalb - Marriott Century Ctr?

Will need a slightly later dinner (around 8pm) w/ teens and one 10yr old for Saturday night. Would rather not do a chain but that may be our best option. Any ideas for moderately priced in that area?

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  1. You are very near Atlanta's largenst stretch of ethnic retaurants. There are a lot of moderately priced Mexican, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese nearby, though that will not be obvious from your immediate neghborhood. Simply drive north from your Hotel on Claremont, and turn right (or left) on Buford Hwy, and trust your instincts from there. There are a number of good Pho places (Vietnamese) and Mexican joints in the first large shopping center on the left (Plaza Fiesta).

    Note that a lot of these places serve their community, and the English talents of the waitstaff may be limited.

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    1. re: alonzo

      are there any Ethiopian/African/Kenyan places that you know of?

      1. re: leahinsc

        There are some Ethiopian places, I will get back to you on those. But there is also a Bangledesh restaurant called Panahar Check it out.

        1. re: leahinsc

          Moya is an Ethiopian restaurant on Clairmont, a few miles from where you are staying. Exit your hotel and make a right onto the access road, keeping the interstate on your left. At the next intersection, make a left onto Clairmont and go under the highway. Stay on Clairmont for a couple of miles - you will pass a VA hospital on your right. Once you go under the bridge, Moya will be about 1/4 mile on your left, in a strip with a few other restaurants - Indian tapas, Chinese, Continental, Mexican, & Greek Pizza. Although I have never been there, it got favorable reviews from Creative Loafing some months ago.

          1. re: potterybliss

            There is also an Ethiopian restaurant on Clairmont right next to your hotel. It is in the shopping center across from the IHOP and right next to I-85 on Clairmont (probably a mile from your hotel). The name of the restaurant is called Meskerem. I haven't been there but have heard from others that it is good.

            I think Moya is a good suggestion, too, because it is located near other good restaurant, and not too much further away.

            1. re: trappedartist

              Ran into some friends last night who like Ethiopian food. They prefer Meskerem at the corner of Briarcliff & Clairmont over Moya, a few miles up the road.