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Jun 6, 2007 01:32 AM

Red Hook Ballfield's parent restaurants

What are the names and locations of the parent restaurants that have outposts at the Red Hook fields? In particular, I would like to know where to find the quesadilla's that are sold by the two stands on the NW corner. They aren't quesadilla's as I know them, i.e. cheese and meat between two tortilla's, but rather a giant tortilla filled with cheese and meat and folded like a taco. Anyone know where I can find them during the week?

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  1. The Honduran booth is run by the folks at Honduras Maya in South Slope (5th Ave.)

    1. That's actually called a huarache and I've been desperately trying to find them during the off season...I've been to La Fe and La Timplico (?) both in the 50's on Fifth Ave and they don't compare (not fresh tortillas, sparse ingredients). Someone on another post recommended Tacos Xochimilco, a newish spot around 44th (just next to Matmaros) but I haven't tried it yet. You really need to go to "Little Mexico" on Fifth Ave starting at about 30th street to find them (they must be out there somewhere).

      If anyone knows where the huaraches are- please let us know. Surely, either Martinez or Hernandez (the two huarache vendors in Red Hook) must have restaurants where they also deal in their delicious foods.

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        No, they sell huaraches and the ones with cheese they call Quesadillas, they qualify them as different items.

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          I got a tasty huarache last week at Cinco de Mayo in Ditmas Park Cortelyou Rd. and Westminster-ish. CdeM has it's detractors on this board and I can't vouch for everything they serve, but their sopes, enchiladas with red or black mole, and huaraches are quite nice and the people who run the place are sweethearts.