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Jun 6, 2007 01:12 AM

Wild boar (or maybe deer) BBQ in Kyoto - help!

I need help with the name of a BBQ place in Kyoto. The owner/chef is a hunter, and he goes to the mountains every winter to get the game. He also serves some pretty unusual items, like honey bees and grasshoppers, smoked black bear and horse sashimi, and stocks an excellent sake selection. I cannot find the name anywhere (I hope it didn't close, I was there last 5 years ago).
Any help in traking it down is greatly appreciated.
Thanks hounds!

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  1. you're thinking of okariba, just down the street from the hotel heian no mori. i've eaten there too a few years ago. the bee larvae was interesting.


    try for english address lookup

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      okazaki-higashi-tenno-cho 43-4

      would work even better, pointing you to the correct block and building.

      Okariba (狩り場): 075-751-7790
      京都市左京区岡崎東天王町43-4 レジデンス岡崎1F

      It looks like an interesting place.