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Jun 5, 2007 11:43 PM

Legume (Pittsburgh)

Has anyone tried the new Regent Square bistro Legume ( that opened on June 1st?

What did you eat? How was it? How much did it cost?

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I wish they'd given prices on their sample menu so you'd have an idea of the meal cost - being "cash only", I think it's pretty important to know if $100 is going to cover things.

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      Me too. That's why I asked about cost. I understand that they just opened and are probably still making adjustments, but at least they could say something like: "A three course meal at Legume usually costs between $XX and $XX."

    2. We ate there during their "soft opening" aound the end of May, a three course dinner was $25.00. Things were pretty hectic and it seemed as though our order was lost, to keep us occupied they kept bringing out little mini tastes of things like soup and pate.
      So, although things were not going very well, I have to say that the food was wonderful. My husband had the skirt steak, and I had the scallops, the vegatables were cooked perfectly and the mashed potato's were divine, we thought that our entrees were perfectly cooked.
      We had a ginger rhubarb cobbler with ice cream for dessert, but the chocolate cake was dry.
      It is BYOB, and you can get beer across the street at Dee's Dogs, but if you want wine, you have to bring it, I don't know what they charge for corkage.
      The owners are pretty young, but they seem to be well traveled, and unflappable.
      I don't know what they are charging on a regular basis, but if they have the kinks worked out, it would be well worth checking out.

      1. I'm planning to go tomorow night so I'll report back. On the phone they said that apps are $6-10 and entrees are $16-24.

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          mhoffman, did you ever go to Legume? How was it?

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            Unfortunately, I can no longer comment on Legume. Sorry.

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              oh and we used a credit card, they are not cash only anymore

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                  Why can't you comment on them mhoffman?

            2. My husband and I finally had the opportunity to try it out last night. we arrived around 6:30 and they were packed. they said it would be about a 30 minute wait but she would take our # and call when our table was ready (no reservations) we went to D's across the street and had a beer and they called in about 15 minutes. we had a very personable waiter. We were so hungry we had the sweetbreads in sherry carrots app as well as the diver scallops app. Sweetbreads were good, but we are a scallops fam and diver scallops were done to perfection. Husband had the Cassoulet with duck confit, sausage and pork, I had the blue trout with creamy leeks (like a salmon). for dessert we had a truffle chocolate cake with whipped cream. we also order mashed potatoes as a sside. Mashed potatoes were great. i love them crispy. they were pan fried at the end and had a nice crisp layer. we brought our own bottle of wine. I do not think 2 people could have ordered more food than us, $82, not including tip. As far as BYOB's in the area, i would go to legume again over Cafe Zinho (which I am a big fan of) or Pino's.

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                My SO just went with a coworker on my suggestion based on a post titled "1st time in Pittsburgh". I have to say they were thrilled. Arrived 7 pm on Thurs, sat down right away, although it was not empty, they ate apps, entrees and desserts for $72. They RAVED about the food and will be going back on their every other month business trips to Pittsburgh. Got better options? Bring em on!