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Jun 5, 2007 10:32 PM

ToP 5 Favorite in Palm Springs Area for Lunch or dinner

We're going to Palm Desert and there's always new restaurants as well as the old still around. We are looking for a great lunch or fantastic dinner. What is your favorite and what to order.

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  1. Manhattan in the Desert for Pastrami, Corned Beef and great Desserts.
    Eduardo's on El Paseo. Sit outside and try homemade Tamales, Fajaitas, and Fish Taco's.
    Firecliff on El Paseo. Great Seafood Risotto, Colorado Lamb, and Fish specials. Don't miss the Bread Pudding.
    Thai Smile for Deviled Scallops and Yellow Curry.
    Wally's Desert Turtle for Sea Bass and Dover Sole.
    Have fun!

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      I meant Armando's, not Eduardo's on El Paseo. Sorry about that...

    2. For Lunch, try Spencer's in PS, beautiful outside seating!
      Dinner: 1. Zin American Bistro, Great food and wine list discounted 50% on weekdays.
      2. Johannes
      3. Copley's

      1. I like seafood so for me In Palm Desert it's always Pacifica (in the Gardens center on El Paseo). There's a new restaurant called something like Cork Tree in Palm Desert (next to City Wok on Country Club at the Ralph's Shopping Center). California Cuisine. Friends tried it this weekend and liked it (They've eat just about everywhere in the Coachella Valley). Lobster Bisque was recommended.

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          We love the Falls in Palm Desert. Excellent steaks in a pretty atmosphere

        2. Fusion One 11 in Palm Desert is a very nice tapas place. I don't know if they are open for lunch. In Palm Springs, Philippe's is my favorite place for lunch. I have the savory crepes and the salads are very good as well.
          Blend is a great place for dinner in Old Town La Quinta, probably my favorite in that area. I have heard good things about Firecliff but they wanted us to sit in the back room so we didn't stay, they have a nice piano bar in the front.
          If you go to Palm Springs my favorites are Zin, Johanne's and Copley's for dinner.

          1. I loved Cuistot - a fabulous meal and service was excellent. We had tuna sashimi (so good & fresh), an endive, blue cheese & pine nut salad, beef short ribs (delish) with celery root puree and ended with the peach cobbler with a raspberry sauce - it was so good. Our waitress was a sweetie too.

            Blend is also very good - so good I forgot to take any notes!

            I wouldn't go to Wally's Desert Turtle... maybe I was expecting too much after Cuistot but I didn't like it at all. O'course thats just my opinion!

            Have fun!