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Jun 5, 2007 10:02 PM

June's sushi club meeting in St. Louis

This month our sushi club will be meeting at the fairly new branch of Drunken Fish on LaClede Landing. Wednesday, June 16, at 7:00. Hope to see some chowhounds there!

Last month's meeting, at Sansui West, was a success. A few misses (overly strong house smoked salmon and mackeral, for example) but overall we enjoyed ourselves.

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  1. I'm guessing since you posted this on Chowhound -- anyone in the STL area who loves sushi is invited?

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    1. re: tmontauk

      Yes indeed! The name of the group is the Kosher Sushi club, which is more reflective of the founder's proclivities than any requirement. (Actually, strictly kosher people won't eat at a Japanese restaurant anyway...)

      This is a very casual group. No "joining", etc. You just show up. Ran, who started the group, likes if possible for people to e-mail him so he can give the restaurant a head count, but some people don't know in advance if they can go and just show. Usually about 8-10 people show up, but it varies. If you care to you can e-mail him at:

      There's even a web site (, and Ran is a web master -- but he hasn't updated the site since last August. Come join us and help us give him a hard time!

    2. I would almost go but I really do not like The Drunken Fish

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      1. re: evilcatfish

        I think I know what you mean. Along with Busch's Grove they are the most expensive sushi in the area, for competent but unremakable sushi. It's a place known for the (sort of) modern decor and "creative rolls" rather than solid basics. I think they have karaoke, too. When Tom was still there the CWE location was better.

        There is, however, a coupon in one of the Yellow pages books. Although I hate going to the Landing and will likely show up late (due to work) it's one of the few places that serve sushi that I have not yet been to in the St. Louis area. One of the advantages of going with a group is that we often share tastes.

        In any case, I will likely be posting locations each month. If you like, e-mail Ran and he will add you to the list for notification.

      2. My neighbor lady and her beau are giving high marks to Sake...a newly opened sushi place in O'Fallon, IL just a few miles across the big creek. I haven't made it tyhere myself yet.

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        1. re: DetectDave

          Rats. Another joint to want try out on the IL side. I haven't been to the two other IL side places because of the distance; also one of them is not open for lunch (other than the sushi club almost all my sushi meals are at lunch) and neither has recieved the kind of reviews to want me to make a special effort. I have been to over 40 places that serve sushi in the St. Louis area, so I guess it's time to come over. Heck, my in-laws live in Collinsville...

          1. re: Richard 16

            Where else are ya considering on our side?

        2. Wednesday, June 16?? You might want to clarify the date, i.e., either Wednesday, June 13th or Saturday, June 16th.

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          1. re: alan

            Oops. This Wednesday, the 13th.

            DetectDave: we're pretty responsive to requests, but more to strong recommendations - especially if it's a long distance. For example, of the three (now four) places in St. Charles county we've only been as a group to Crazy Fish, based on mine and another regular's recommendations.

            1. re: Richard 16

              I think you mean Crazy Sushi instead of Crazy Fish...

              1. re: Doug

                Oops. I keep doing that.Yes - Crazy Sushi.

          2. Report: Serviceable but unremarkable sushi. Industrial edginess (edgy for the midwest, anyway) atmosphere, bigger than it looks from the outside, really annoying handicap access. (Outside tables and chairs all over the tippy sidewalk.) Here's a hint: the regular bar is in the front and the sushi bar towards the back. Prices are high (especially for the rolls and the the sashimi) but, sad to say, other places are catching up.

            The rice was fine; a little overseasoned but not as badly as some places. Some of the fish was quite good, and some not so much. For example: the otoro neta was huge but obviously days old; my guess is they were getting rid of it. Ikura wasn't horrible but also not so fresh. The mackeral was, however, a pleasant suprise. Rolls were hit and miss.

            The server was brand new that day, so service was spotty, highly uneducated, and disorganized. She tried hard though, and a more experienced guy helped. Little touches were disappointing, like glass shot glasses for the sake - one of which was cracked.

            All in all, if you're downtown and you can't get to Wasabi or are looking at hanging out in the Landing and want a drink and some sushi, you'll be OK but certainly not impressed. And by all means, get the coupon in the Yellow book.