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Jun 5, 2007 08:25 PM

Looking for recs for an upcoming trip to Chicago

I've been over so many of the topics here and it's overwhelming! My boyfriend and I are traveling to Chicago in two weeks (6/21-6/24) and I could use some recs. Here's my problem, the bf is VERY picky. No fish (never even tried it), only some veggies, etc. I will eat or at least try anything in any price bracket...him not so much. I am looking for casual places (getting dressed up is jeans for him and he is not comfortable in high end restaurants) and won't break his wallet. We are staying at the Hotel Blake if that helps.

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  1. Gage-24 S. Michigan would be perfect. The menu is fairly non- theatening and not too far away. Grill on the Alley is another non-threatening place.The Saloon for steak and Bandera for a nice place that is casual.

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      Thanks! Non-threatening...I like that term! LOL Any thoughts on breakfast?

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        Even less threateningly gourmet than Gage is Hackney's. More like your traditional pub. Several delicious but threatening breakfast options near you: Orange and the Bongo Room. Safer: Eleven City Diner and (maybe) Yolk.

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          Salpicon for Mexican might work - lotsa meat on the menu, awesome tequilla selection and although kinda funky, definitely casual. Here's a more in-depth review of a recent visit:

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            LOVED LOVED LOVED Orange! We ate breakfast there each morning of our stay. Hackney's was perfect, right up my boyfriends alley.