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Jun 5, 2007 07:20 PM

Leftover Teriyaki Thin cooked beef, what to do?

I have a lot of leftover sandwich steak marinated in teriyaki that I cooked on the grill. I do not feel like fried rice. Anybody have any suggestions. It is pretty thin but it does have a good teriyaki flavor.

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  1. I immediately thought salad, since it's been hot. A quick search on Epicurious brought up an Asian Steak and Noodle Salad that looks good:

    And you can always freeze it in individual portion to use as you see fit.

    1. Since fried rice is out -
      Add to an omelet
      teri taco
      make a sandwich with thin sliced cucumber and thin sliced onion (really good with a garlic bread sub style sandwich)
      shred it, boil a couple eggs, peel em & boil again in soy sauce, cut in half and serve with hot white rice with the shredded meat.

      1. nothing better with a bowl of hot or cold noodles

        1. I wrap it around par boiled string beans and then broil it so the meat gets a little charred. Nice appetizer. I have also threaded it onto skewers with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green onions, whatever I have handy and then bbq or broil them up. Can also make musubi, using a spam musubi maker.

          1. I usually make salad with leftover marinated, grilled flank steak. Had it a couple of days ago, actually. Since the marinade I make is Asianesque, it would work fine with teriyaki. I just made a regular oil and vinegar dressing with added garlic and mustard. Tastes great.