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Jun 5, 2007 07:16 PM

Buffalo Wings in New Zealand?

I was just reading the thread about "American Food" in Australia... has anyone had real Buffalo Chicken wings/fingers anywhere in New Zealand?

I have had so-called "Buffalo Wings" (according to their menu) at Malt in Grey Lynn, Auckland and they were barely barbeque wings, not spicey and not very good. There was nothing even resembling any Buffalo wings I've had in the US. I would however recommend Malt overall - it's a great neighborhood bar, they have Monteith's on tap, and the rest of the menu is good.

Degree, a restaurant down at the Viaduct in Auckland also lists "Buffalo Wings" on their menu. We tried these recently and they were awful - just plain, deep-fried, flabby, greasy wings with a "blue cheese" sauce on the side that was also horrible (and I couldn't taste any blue cheese). Unlike Malt, which I like, I would not recommend Degree. The area is pretty and good for people watching, but the food is average and overpriced - like many of the restaurants at the very touristy Viaduct.

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  1. Buffalo Wings in New Zealand and Australia that are the same as the US are rare. They are never as hot and as you said above cannot do blue cheese.

    1. Update on the Buffalo Wing search. Went back to Degree, in the Auckland Viaduct, and tried the Buffalo Wings again. (We keep on going to Degree because it's convenient and I'm a glutton for punishment, not for the food.) And the wings were okay! They were definitely hot, but could have had more depth of flavor. They came with a side of blue cheese dressing that was also pretty on target.

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