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Jun 5, 2007 07:00 PM

liquore di/al latte (milk liquor)

So, I've followed an italian recipe for liquore di latte which is just a mixture of alcohol, sugar, milk and lemon that is meant to sit for a while (I've seen anywhere from 14 to 40 days in the recipes). Eventually the milk curdles and when you filter it the liquor turns out clear. There is an image of a bottle of it here:

Has anyone ever made or tasted this before?

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  1. It sounds interesting, though I can't imagine the process used to make it...? It seems like it would have a sweet lemon/whey flavor? You've got me interested, I must find out more!

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    1. re: Papa Kip Chee

      All I did was buy some high quality whole milk (broguiere's) and some everclear (151 or 153 proof is what I used since 190 isn't available in CA). In a glass jar I mixed 4 cups of everclear, 4 cups of everclear, 2 cups of sugar, 1 split vanilla bean, two lemons of which I removed all of the peel, pith and seeds and then chopped roughly, and the peel of one lemon (just the yellow part with no white on it). I then just sealed up the jar and shook it a bit. It's now sitting in my closet with the rest of the liquors I have in process and I have been shaking it once a day. I will post how it turns out.

      From the variety of recipes I have seen, some use 95% alcohol (pretty much the highest abv you can get) and others use all the way down to 40% like the website I linked to above. So, depending on how it tastes when I filter it, I may water it down a bit to reduce the proof as well as add sugar to taste.

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        You are probably not around any longer, but found this recipe and wanted you to know I made this liquor every year for about 10 years...have not made it in about 15 years. The recipe I use is the strongest of Everclear, and it sets for about 14 days. The trick is getting the filtering process done fairly quickly. Fairly quickly is anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. The BEST part of the recipe which you do not mention is the collateral benefit. The orange (rather than lemon) pieces may be picked out with a toothpick and served as tasty morsels in between sips of the liquor. ALSO, the paste produced as a result of the filtering process can be used to ice a chocolate cake or brownies. Be careful, the brandy (that is what I call it) will knock you on your butt if you "taste" too much of it at one time. It is potent.
        I have experimented with addition of Vanilla Extract..really is good...and Almond so. My batch planned for this coming Christmas will be made with the LEMONS!!