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Jun 5, 2007 06:31 PM

Kustard King Alternatives?

My sole source for soft-serve ice cream in Brooklyn Heights has been without the goods for several weeks now, and I'm not hopeful that the Kustard King truck that parks at the intersection of Pierrepont and Columbia Heights will resume selling soft-serve any time soon. Is there anywhere else in the vicinity that I can turn to as an alternative? I tried Connecticut Muffin, whose ice cream mascot tempted me inside. Unfortunately their product was awful. TIA.

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  1. No Mister Softee trucks by Court St around Montague? If there are any public schools in your area try hitting them between 2:30pm and 5 pm. They usually park around the schools to get the out going business.

    1. If you're really desperate, although I'd really disdain you from following through with my inane advice... you could go to Tasti-D-Lite (ugh, I hate their name... looks like a drunk illiterate made it up) on Montague & Hicks. There's also a Haagen Daz on Montague across from Connecticut Muffin. I prefer hard (?) ice cream. :P

      Good luck!

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      1. re: bluishgnome

        Thanks for the suggestions. I know there's usually a Mr. Softee out in front of Packer after school, but I'm usually still behind my desk at those hours. I was looking for something after dinner. As for Tasti-D-Lite on Montague, they've been closed since the winter - I guess they couldn't hold out until the summer. Haagen Dazs is always an option - they do have frozen yogurt - but it's not the same as Mr. Softee or one of his copycats.

        1. re: bluishgnome

          I believe that Tasti-D-Lite location closed.

        2. Whatever happened to Carvel? I think a store would do good business in a busy neighborhood. Do they just not exist any more? I know supermarkets sell the cakes, but I'm talking about the stand-alone stores of days past.

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          1. re: hercules q. einstein

            Days past? There are still plenty of Carvels. In the more gentrified parts of brownstone Brooklyn, maybe not.

            1. re: hatless

              The only Carvel's I've seen in Brooklyn are around Marine Park, Sheepshead Bay, The Junction and the like. The gentrifieds seem to go for the organic and or gourmet stuff you find in the freezer or at places like Maggie Moo's and Haagen Daaz.

          2. You need to come up to Bay Ridge. We have them all- including a Mr Softee who prowls the streets at night. Carvel on 3rd off 86th, I seem to remember the Baskin Robbins on 5th with a soft serve machine - not for yogurt. But my favorite is LB Spumoni Gardens sundae with hot fudge and caramel over vanilla soft serve.
            If you must do a truck, one parks outside of Barnes and Noble in Park Slope...

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            1. re: carfreeinla

              Thanks - that actually reminds me that in Brooklyn Heights there is usually a soft ice cream truck in front of the movie theater/Barnes and Noble on Court Street. I guess I'll just have to head in that direction next time I'm looking for a soft-serve fix.

              I've never actually ventured beyond the square slices and spumoni at L&B, but I'll take your advice and try the sundae next time I'm there.

              1. re: Greg

                Most McDonald's have a soft ice cream cone for about 99 cents. Although it only comes in vanilla, I find it as satisfying as anything I've purchased from a Mr. Softee truck, which usually charges twice as much.

            2. I know this will sound absolutely whacked, but in a Hail Mary pinch, a VANILLA (NOT chocolate) Frosty from Wendy's can satisfy a soft serve craving.
              I know: If I hadn't tried it myself, I'd never have believed it, especially since the chocolate version tasted like something you'd take as an endoscopic prep.

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              1. re: Tay

                There's a soft-serve ice cream place in Coney Island that's excellent. I wish I could remember the name, but it's on Surf Avenue, a block east of Nathan's and on the same side of the street. The place is only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and I haven't been there this year yet, so I can't swear that it's still with us. I always order a large-sized cup of the pistachio flavor, which is well worth the long subway trip out there.