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Jun 5, 2007 06:18 PM

Ocean City/Sea Isle City NJ recs

Going to OC for a week with my husband and seven month old baby and would like some food recommendations. It's been a long time since I spent more than a day there. We're staying on Central Ave a couple of blocks from the boardwalk and aren't planning on doing much eating in. We can't do anything super fancy or drive more than a couple of towns over because of the baby, but she's pretty well behaved and we aren't stuck with truly "family" places all the time, especially at lunch.

We eat just about everything. I'd love some really good breakfast ideas, a bakery, where the best fudge/salt water taffy is, seafood places, fresh produce, burgers, anything ethnic that might be good in the area, etc. We're also meeting friends for dinner in Sea Isle one night and are looking for a place where two of us can get crabs and the others can get something that is neither crabs nor shellfish. Oh, and the closest decent liquor store to OC.


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  1. Don't know Sea Isle, but I've got Ocean City covered.

    Breakfast - Varsity Inn - 605 E 8th - Great selection of creative omelets

    Breakfast (Pancakes) - Uncle Bill's - 2112 Asbury - Been quite a while since I've been there, but it's always got a crowd waiting to get in when I drive by on my way to...

    Bakery (Donuts) - Dot's Pastries - 3148 Asbury - nice tender jelly donuts, great cinnamon swirls and choc covered

    Bakery (Rolls) - Bennies - 1159 Asbury (a tad pricy but his rolls are quite good)

    Goodies (Macaroons) - George's Candies - 700 Boardwalk

    Goodies (Candy) - Rauhauser's - 721 Asbury (downtown - try the double dipped mints)

    Goodies (caramel Popcorn) Johnson's on the boardwalk

    Taffy - Shriver's or Fralinger's on the boardwalk

    Seafood - Crab Trap - off the circle in Somers Point, right across the 9th Street bridge.

    Ethnic/Greek - Katina's 501 E 9th - not super, but OK

    Wings - Wing Man - 1235 West, across from the indispensable Wawa

    Pizza - I'm not a lover of the beloved Mac & Manco's, and prefer Primo on the boardwalk, but if you want to drive inland a bit, I really prefer Mama Mia's a bit south on Route 9 in Seaville (behind the McDonald's on the right, southbound) for their bruschetta pizza and full Italian menu

    Liquor - Circle Liquor - on same circle as Crab Trap just over the 9th street bridge in Somers Point - big selection of wine

    By the way, I've got the week of August 25 still open for my rental condo on the 18th street block of Asbury Ave. Anyone interested?

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      This is awesome! Thank you SO much.

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        I forgot one and just discovered one --

        Subs - Voltaco's - 957 West (also interesting/unique pizza)

        Burgers - If you've been following other threads in this board, you've heard of Five Guys Burgers. Just found out this weekend there's one in Somers Point in the ShopRite shopping center at the intersection of 9 and Bethel Road. Not a bad burger - could have been a bit juicier, bu thoroughly enjoyed the fries.

        These were my dinner and lunch yesterday, respectively.

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          If you've got an hour and a half or two hours to chill before you eat dinner, which you should on vacation down the seashore...roll over to Smith's Clam Bar on Bay Ave in Somers Point- right over the 9th street bridge from OC, NJ....great cheap fresh seafood, wonderful staff, BYOB, great seashore reservations so the waits can be long prob if you have a six pack or a nice bottle to sip on. Kind of a local and semi local spot....not a place shoobies real know about....only divulging my info cause i don;t think alot of peeps will see on here.....enjoy