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Jun 5, 2007 06:09 PM

New Spices (Spice Girls) on Fillmore near Turk

I was walking along Fillmore this week and noticed this sign for Spice Trendz restaurant. I think this is the same chain as Spice Girls (La Mei Zi). It's located directly across the new condo complex on the corner of Fillmore and I am guessing Turk or Golden Gate.

The space used to be a donut shop. I passed by it every week and wondered how they could survive. There were no customers. They then did breakfast, which was of no help. And the few construction workers that did come are almost finished from working on the condo building across the street.

I think Spices will do well in this spot. There's little if any "Chinese" restaurants this neighborhood. And the only close spots are in the upper fillmore or j town.

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  1. I noticed this place yesterday, too, though I'm not familiar with Spice Trendz. There is a Panda Express across the street that does well, which says a lot about this corner. It's all fast-food chains with a few decent places (Powell's, etc.) There was also a southern-style fried chicken place in the Donut shop for the last year or so. Sometimes it seemed crowded, but usually not. I can't remember what was there before--it may have been a furniture rental place. I have lived in this neighborhood for years and am curious to see how the condos and Yoshi's might liven up that still commercially somewhat dead stretch of Fillmore. The Starbucks actually improved the area (I don't always feel that way) without stealing too much business from the locally-owned cafe on the corner of Eddy and Fillmore. The Saturday farmer's market brings a nice homey feel to this wind-blown place. It's as if the area has never recovered from Urban Renewal, but that's a whole other topic.

    1. Is this the same as Spices on Clement St.?

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        Yes, the sign looks very similar. If it is, it would be very nice.