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Jun 5, 2007 06:07 PM

Down N' Dirty BBQ in Manchester, NH has shut down.

I hadn't been there in a year or so, but I felt like getting some BBQ someplace different on monday and I stopped by only to find the place closed. I thought they might be closed mondays though, so I chekced their website and sure enough they were. But when I went back today, there was a sign on the door that hadn't been there monday, which said operations had been suspended, along with a thank you to patrons of their esablishment.

To add insult to injury, a few days prior I stopped by the Santa Fe Smokehouse on South Willow, a place I'd never tried, a couple times, only to find that they appear to have closed up shop as well. (Though no sign is on their door, and their website it still up.)

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  1. I don't doubt, I didn't enjoy either place although the service is what turned me off more at Down n Dirty. The food was terrible at Sante Fe. For excellent BBQ go to Premier Palette on Elm St. (next to Ben n Jerry's), it's awesome. It's not fast food, so don't go when you're in a hurry. The couple is from Georgia and know how to do up Southern Soul food right, excellent bbq, awesome sides, etc.

    1. It's too bad the young guys couldn't make a go of it. Though the last time I had DnD ribs, they seemed to lack the flavor that they had in the old days. BTW, the ribs at Premier Palette are beef ribs--Zelma doesn't do pork.

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        I was actually thinking KC Rib Shack about the bad service. I actually liked DnDirty, they're on the west side up over the hill. I liked their catfish too. That is a bummer.

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          Premiere Palette is great, but I eat there all the time, and I'm not a big fan of beef ribs, and I want a little more variety :-)

      2. I have the scoop on D 'n D - one of the owners moved back to Phili and the other guy is having some health issues which is why the place is closed down right now. Business was good and food was great - waiting to see what they'll do next because they have a pretty loyal customer base and the best ribs, pulled pork and brisket around if you ask me. keep your eye on this one.

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          I agree - best BBQ around. I was shocked to read here that they were closed, they were always packed when I was in there. If they do something next, I'm not sure it will be BBQ there - the phone is disconnected and the web site is gone. Doesn't seem like it is a temporary closing.