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Jun 5, 2007 05:40 PM

Brooklyn - Adams St rec

Looking for recommendations for a comfortable, good-food option in Adams Street neighborhood of Brooklyn for Saturday night. Looking for good food, price not a huge issue, relaxed atmosphere, but not ultra-casual. Thanks.

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  1. Sounds like you are staying at the Brooklyn Marriott. There's nothing on Adams Street, but Smith Street is a short walk away. Pacifico on Pacific St between Smith and Boerum (which becomes Adams) is fun. Saul on Smith is more upscale but great. Smith St has tons of options.

    1. I would suggest Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights--about a 10 minute walk from Adams street. Definitely comfortable, definitely good food, and definitely need reservations for a Saturday (but they only take res for groups of 3 or more).

      1. Eat at Queen on Court & Livingston. Awesome italian food.

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          Second the Queen recommendation. It's very close and they take reservations which is important for a Saturday night. They are a bit pricey and the decor is a bit kitschy, but the food is worth it.

          Also an easy walk is Waterfalls on Atlantic Ave.: Cheap BYOB (wine store across the street), no decor, but excellent middle easter food.

          Agree with Restaurant Saul on Smith Street. Pricey but excellent new American. You'll need a reservation. But I'd skip Pacifico, IMO not one of the better places Brooklyn has to offer.

          Jolie on Atlantic Ave. mid-priced French Bistro.

          1. re: bobjbkln

            Third for Queen! Great osso buco and bread with olives to start is a nice touch.

            I prefer Bacchus over Jolie. Both good French restaurants, but I like the food at Bacchus better. They're not too far from each other either. I believe Bacchus is on Atlantic Ave & Bond St. I haven't been there in a while though... hope they still have that 2 for 1 entree on Wednesday nights. Stan's Place right next door is a major letdown though. Is there some reason restaurants in NYC can't serve alligator meat? I would have thought a New Orleans restaurant would have at least a bittle of it on the menu somewhere.

            But yea. Straight down Smith Street, you have some decent restaurants. Nothing spectacular (although I haven't tried Saul... the prices are a bit up there for me. If I'm going to spend that much, I'll go to Manhattan.)

            1. re: bluishgnome

              Just to point out that there have been a number of severe downhill reports on Bacchus lately. I'd avoid it, if I were a short time visitor to Brooklyn.

              1. re: bobjbkln

                :( Thanks for the heads up, but that is really sad to hear. I remember Bacchus in its prime, about 3 - 4 years ago. I remember there was a scandal with one of the partners of the restaurant and since then, it hasn't been the same.

                On a brighter note, how is Jolie? I went there twice about 6 months after it opened. I preferred Bacchus at the time so haven't returned.

                1. re: bluishgnome

                  Jolie, IMO is more than competent for the price. It is a very comfortable Bistro. The tables are well spaced. The food is decent, not mid blowing, but I am very comfortable recommending it to a visitor to Brooklyn staying in the neighborhood.

                  1. re: bobjbkln

                    I agree about Jolie. It has some detractors here, but people I have taken there for lunch have always really enjoyed it. Also, in this weather, it's nice to sit in the little courtyard in the back.

        2. thanks everyone for the recommendations - we did try Henry's End (closest to the person we were visiting), and it was great - good food, just the right atmosphere. We walked Atlantic Ave area too, and will have to try some of these others next trip. thanks!