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Jun 5, 2007 05:26 PM

AZUL Rest at Mandarin Oriental in miami

Has anyone been> If so, can you recommend a full menu for 2 chowhounds visiting there this Saturday?

Help-- I know it is expensive but I have no idea who much dinner for 2 should run- we normally have a drink with dinner., share an appetizer, each get an entree and share a dessert--just so we can get the flavor of the restaurant...


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  1. Hi Andy,

    My husband and I were there in January of 2004 - long time ago in the world of food I know.

    Still, we had a fabulous dinner, absolutely amazing. We had the 5 course tasting menu along with the wines. I think it was 5, I only have brief notes of 5 at any rate. At that time it was $130 a person. I know that by this time the menu will have changed, not to mention its a different season but we had:

    A Mushroom and asparagus appetizer
    Artic Char - which we felt was too fishy
    Pork Belly with kimchee - incredible
    Cheese w/toast and grapes

    If you go, I hope it's as good as it was when we went!

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      COOKIEFIEND...thanks for the heads up- I just called AZULand their 6 course tasting menu is now $95 pp so that is how we are going....the lady said the portions are small but extremely rich and it would be impossible to eat large quantities of such rich food...

      I will let you know how it is---for that kind of money,it better dance out of the kitchen !! LOL

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        Have fun and when we were there the food damn near did dance out of the kitchen!


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          Place has changed chefs a few times. It gained its fame a few years ago when Michele Bernstein was head chef. She is long gone (and now at her own place Michy's, also did the menu for Social at the Sagamore Hotel). I'm not saying it's no longer good, as I haven't been for some time, just a caution not to judge by an experience or awards from a few years ago.

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            Frodnesor- just read a review of MICHY'S on Zagat reviews and it got slammed pretty badly...said location was bad, food sub par, and service not too great...have you been to Michy's lately?

            1. re: Andy

              Opinions on Michy's vary wildly and I think part of the problem is the incredibly high expectations created by the substantial national press the place has gotten, and Michelle's status as a celeb chef. If you search this board you'll find plenty of discussion of the place. Here's a pretty good starting point (where I've also listed the many dishes I've tried and thoughts on them) -

              I think the truth is that Michy's is in many ways a lot less than what the press raves would suggest, but it's nonetheless quite good for what it is (especially if you order right). It is not a highbrow, luxury dining experience - rather, it's a sort of funky, oddly decorated place, in a somewhat funky, under-developed part of town, which has an interesting collection of small dishes that you can order several of and put together a pretty nice meal. Some things are excellent, many are good, a few (I think) are disappointingly bad, but I've learned to avoid those (and you can too if you study up).

              If you're looking for a fancy meal w/ luxe surroundings, it is not the place. If you're looking for really good food which inclues some luxe ingredients and interesting presentations, but can do without a multi-million dollar interior, it's worth a visit. To me it's a really good neighborhood place (and it happens to be close to my neighborhood) - I think the problems come as a result of it being pitched as the best restaurant in Miami, etc.

              Incidentally, service is not exactly a strong suit anywhere in Miami. I don't find Michy's to be any worse than anywhere else, and have generally found it to be earnest, well-meaning, not obnoxious, and often even charming.