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Best Wine Under $20/bottle... [moved from Ontario board]

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This topic is entirely poached from the LA Board, but they have different suppliers, so I'm curious. There are tons of bottles in all price ranges at the LCBO, but I would love to hear what people have tried and enjoyed...preferably for $15 or less. I don't mind splurging on occasion, but I would love to know what to crack open on a weeknight, or to bring to a BBQ, or just have around. What are your favorites?

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  1. Malivoire Foch Old Vines

    1. For around $13, the 1L tetra pack Lizard Flat chardonnay fits the bill for me as a nice cheap weekday sipper.

      It's a little over $20, but the Mitchelton 2004 Shiraz is awesome with grilled meats.