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Jun 5, 2007 04:59 PM

Jackson TN Chowish food?

I will be staying overnight alone in Jackson TN for work. I would like something chowish and regional if possible but I know it may be slim pickens here. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I searched the board and didn't come up with anything.

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  1. Ok, seeing as how I have no replies.... Does anyone have any recommendations from the Memphis Airport to Jackson and back? Looking for something here...

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    1. re: funholidaygirl

      memphis should open up a lot of comments. specifically for bbq. i've never been to jackson and to memphis only once (ate at rendezvous - fabulous rub) i will try and help... i'm bored at work today

      try this link for some ideas...

      Catfish Cabin
      Reggies BBQ and Wings
      Old Country Store

      these would be my first picks to choose from

      1. re: scpierce

        Casey Jones looks right up my alley. The best of was kind of alarming when you see so many chains on there. Thanks for taking the time.

        1. re: funholidaygirl

          The buffet at Casey Jones has great fried chicken.

    2. Ok, my plans have changed now going to Selmer, TN which is even smaller. Does anyone have thoughts about Selmer?

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      1. re: funholidaygirl

        What did you call me?

        just kidding... i've never heard of selmer, where is it? might be worth a drive to get somewhere bigger?