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Jun 5, 2007 04:50 PM

Kingfish or Steelhead Brewing

for a party of about 12 hungry people, mostly in their 30s, for a Saturday evening of drinks and dinner. Definitely want a fun atmosphere and at least decent food.

Willing to consider other peninsula venues as well.


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  1. Was not impressed with the food at either but felt Steelhead was definitely better. That said, the atmosphere at the two places works well for a rowdy group, and often the food becomes less important.

    1. The food at Kingfish is unremarkable - same for Steelhead. But the beer is GREAT at Steelhead !!!

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      1. re: paternite

        Agreed - Steelhead has way better beer.

      2. I just wanted to follow up and say thanks for the responses. Back in June, we ended up going to both!

        Beer, fries, wings, and quesadillas at Steelhead while shooting pool. Plenty fun, pretty good beers, and the bar food was just fine. Servers were very nice and responsive.

        Then sit down dinner at Kingfish. Service was slow because they were packed on a Saturday night. Food was as expected - just ok. Most of us had the prime rib, which was surprisingly decent. Appetizers, cocktails, and desserts were like any chain restaurant.

        Thanks to the posters.