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Jun 5, 2007 04:41 PM

Le Bar a Soupe - Ossington

Seeing as the weather was so nasty today...I decided to check out this new restaurant that serves soup!! I had read a few good reviews and was definetely in the mood for something warm.
So off I went.
The restaurant is quaint with just a few tables. She was featuring 3 soups...(they rotate daily). I had a bowl of hungarian goulash soup that came with a piece of delicious bread and butter.
The soup was flavorful, hot and I would defintely go back.
Its meant to be a take-out the soup arrives in a sytrofoam container, plastic cutlery, on a paper plate.
For such great would have been better served in a ceramic soup dish with silverware. Thats just my opinion though. Im sure she is trying to "keep it simple".

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  1. My wife and I had the Moroccan Harira and were very happy. Lots of lamb, delicious, and didn't need seasoning.

    The owner was lovely and the serving are generous.

    I agree that the eating-in tablewear could be nicer.