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Jun 5, 2007 04:16 PM

Decent Sazeracs, Mint Juleps, or Cafe Brulot

anywhere serving these delicious, refreshing alcholholic bevy's.

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  1. Yes, but mostly the places are in New Orleans. I know The Ivy does a good mint julep. Bet they could also come up with something like the others. Lots of places will do a julep, but really good places won't make one unless they have fresh mint. You forgot to mention daiquiris and whiskey sours.

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    1. re: mc michael

      thanks, i forgot you or others mentioned the ivy before.

    2. I really like the sazeracs at Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in downtown LA--having never tasted one in New Orleans though, I can't vouch for authenticity. An added benefit of Seven Grand is the ridiculously long list of whiskeys/ryes/bourbons/scotchs.

      For a pic of a Seven Grand Sazerac, visit here:

      1. Had a couple of decent juleps recently at Taix (Sunset just E of Alvarado). Not a drive-across-town kind of place; the food is hit or miss, but it's a short walk for me and I'm glad it's there.

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        1. re: HPLsauce

          does it have a bar so i can knock down a few drinks before the dodger games. that does sound like a decent plan, if i don't have to suffer through the 1920s American version of French cuisine (this place makes Musso's look gourmet).

            1. re: kevin

              Heh. Most of the food at Taix could quite plausibly be served at Musso's for ten or so dollars more a plate. Musso's has a much longer menu, though.