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Jun 5, 2007 04:10 PM

Sunday Night Eats on Pico & La Brea?

Any recommendations for good/interesting restaurants in this neighborhood that would be open Sunday for a latish dinner (9:30ish). Have done Luna Park, Campanile, the new shabu place on La Brea and will be going to Opus later this week and would like to try something new. Am pretty much up for anything.

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  1. Appologies for the re-post, but just thought I'd re-up in case anyone had any suggestions. Anyone?

    1. You could always go to roscoes.... it's a classic, their waffles are delicious.

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      1. re: Marianna215

        They're open Sunday nights? Have only ever been for late hung-over breakfasts. Agree about the waffles.

      2. How about Pane E Vino On Beverly near Sweetzer, East India Grill on La Brea/ Beverly. How was the new shabu place?

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        1. re: paprkutr

          Have done East India but not Pane E Vino. Thanks for the rec. Not highly experienced in the art of shabu, but I really enjoyed my meal at the new place -- did a seafood (which experts tell me is not officially shabu) but it was excellent anyway with sushi-grade fish. Mr. Bite-Bite had the beef and was similarly impressed. Our watiress's grasp of English wasn't great but she was v. sweet. Great open atmosphere too.

          1. re: bite bite

            We hadn't done Pane E Vino in years, but went about six weeks ago, and thought it was great without being expensive. They were accomodating when we asked for substitutions. We has the veal chop which was great for 25, and the steak was really good for 27. We also had a few of their risotto specials, the lobster was better than the scallops, though we shared them with the table. I live in the area so we go to alot of places but not that late. Haven't tried Angelini across the street from El Coyote, but is supposed to be very good.

            1. re: paprkutr

              have you been to bloom? not sure what time it closes, but it's pretty good.

              1. re: paprkutr

                Thanks Julefish, haven't tried Bloom. But after reading your suggestion, looked it up and sounds like a fun place and in the vein of places I generally like. Hours seems a little too tight for Sunday, but defnitely interested in trying.

                For Sunday thinking trying this Indian place called Nirvana on Wilshire that has more than its fair share of detractors but is open late, serves booze and sounds kind of hilarious decor wise -- kind of place that might be so dreadful it's fun. Or might just be dreadful. But anyway, mulling it over as an option.

                1. re: paprkutr

                  Paprkutr -- re. Angelini. Yum! One of my more favorite places. You should definitely visit. Their duck ragu is beyond delicious.