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Jun 5, 2007 03:27 PM


I'm going in August and wondered what the latest and greatest - price is no object - places to try?

I am looking for elegant, excellent service and impeccable dishes... A place where you would try something you would normally never try because you're willing to put yourself in the chef's hands!


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  1. Wow. There are a lot of first rate restaurants in the city (and the area), but if I had one meal, I'd make it The Church. The decor is stunning, the service and the food wonderfully inventive. I just had a three-course meal there last week (no time for the full tasting menus, which looked awesome) and everything was first rate. I don't think you can do any better in the immediate area, unless you wanted to drive to Langdon Hall, which is well-nigh impossible on a night you're planning to see a show,

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      agreed, its so beautiful there and the food and service is excellent!

    2. Romance - Langdon
      Flavour - Rundles
      Cosy - The Olde Prune
      After dinner drink - Down the Street
      Cafe sandwich - York Street Diner

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        Haven' t been to Rundles in years and probably will not go again. Found the service to be very high-brow even snooty. The menu was boring and the prices outrageous. For a great meal and environment my vote would go to The Old Prune.

      2. I would vote for Pazzo. This is actually two restaurants with separate menus. The upstairs is fine dining, downstairs is a pizzeria.

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          Agreed that The Church is beautiful but the food doesn't live up to the decor. If money is no object Rundles fits the bill. My personal favourite though is Bijou - the chef is truly wonderful and the desserts are amazing.

        2. We're going to Stratford in July and money *is* an object--any recommendations? THere will be 6 of us so really fine dining is out this time. My parents took us to a Greek place (Demeter's? Dimitri's?) that was, um, not too great and I would really like to avoid going there again this year.

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            What sort of budget do you have Karieann? There are quite a few less expensive options in Stratford that aren't (pardon me) strip mall food.

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              Oh--I don't know in $$ amounts. Something "mid-range" perhaps? We don't want fast food, but we're not really looking for a special-occasion dinner either. Several of our party are really meat-and-potatoes kind of guys, which doesn't make it any easier! Thank you for your help. :-)

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                I really enjoyed York Street Kitchen the time that I went there for dinner. Fun and not too expensive! I haven't been to Stratford for a couple of years though...

                1. re: Otonabee

                  Downstairs at Pazzo, the brick oven pizzas are really , really good.

                  1. re: rsvp7777

                    Both Pazzo downstairs and York Street are great, as well as Down the Street.

                    1. re: Beef Pattie

                      Thank you--all of you--these suggestions look great! Now we will be able to make an informed choice. :-)

                      1. re: Karieann

                        I vote for The Old Prune, had a fantastic meal there two years ago while in Stratford.

                        1. re: Corrie

                          We went to Stratford last week and decided to eat at York Street Kitchen, and we enjoyed it very much. It's in a tiny little space and is kind of funky. The waitress was delghtfully cheerful, we all enjoyed our food, and we were out in plenty of time to get to our play.

                          THank you everybody for your help!

            2. re: Karieann

              Another vote for York Street. I don't usually bother with anywhere else when I'm in Stratford. The Breakfast's are very good; as are the dinners. But, surprisingly, the sandwiches and soup at lunch are the really winners.

              Try the buttertart (served warm and made with puff) and the brownie (it is a lighter, dryier brownie that this rich, heavy brownie fan never-the-less loves).