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Jun 5, 2007 03:11 PM

Sushi on Olympic near Western?

I'm still exploring Koreatown (my new neighbohood) and had heard from people at work that there was suppossed to be a good and affordable sushi place on Olympic near Western. I've looked around but so far haven't seen any sushi places in that specific area. Anyone know what they may have been thinking of?


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  1. O Dae San? Jonathan Gold wrote about it but I've personally never been there.

    He recently wrote about A Won, another sushi place. 913½ S. Vermont Ave.

    1. O Dae San is at 2889 W Olympic Blvd. I went once about two years ago and haven't been back. Nothing was bad except that they served me frozen toro ... twice ... (which might be a "Korean sushi" thing -- more research is needed). Everyone was friendly and they removed the frozen toro from the bill, so by rights I SHOULD go back some time. And not order toro.

      In the event that you enjoy Japanese sushi, Shibucho is not far from your location (though "affordable" does not spring to mind when describing it) at 3114 Beverly Blvd.