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Jun 5, 2007 02:56 PM

Homemade Bloody Mary Mix?

Recipes? Thanks

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  1. All I know is your are supposed to a few gluggs of Guiness. It did add some body to it.

    1. When I'm trying to be healthy, I'll start with Low Sodium V8. Add a couple spoons of horseradish, a couple dashes of worcestershire, a few dashes of Louisiana hot sauce, a little celery salt, and fresh ground pepper. Squeeze of lemon or lime. Serve with celery or green olives.

      Oh yeah - and two shots of chilled vodka!

      1. I am always asked to make the Bloody Marys by family and friends. I usually make them individually, but sometimes make a pitcher if we are doing a brunch type of thing. We like them spicy, so you can adjust the seasonings.
        To a large glass, add heaping teaspoon (or more) of jarred good brand horseradish. Add vodka, and stir well. Add ice, 2 dashes tabasco, juice of 1/2 lime, 2 dashes Lea & Perrins worceshire. Add V8 to fill glass, mix well. Add few dashes of celery salt and some fresh cracked black pepper, stirring to mix a bit. Some of the celery salt will float on the top of the drink; not to worry. Serve drink with large celery stick and a pepperoncini. Enjoy!

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          This is very similar to the recipe I use. I also rub the rim of the glass with a wedge of fresh lemon or lime and then dip the rim into celery salt -- not unlike the way you'd coat the rim with coarse salt for a margarita. If you want to get really fancy, skewer a couple of grape tomatoes with a jumbo shrimp that's been peeled, cooked and chilled, and use it for a stirrer.

        2. Ah, the Breakfast of Champions!! Going from memory here...

          1 fifth decent vodka
          Enough worcestershire sauce to turn the vodka nice and brown
          Lime juice
          Beef broth (some folks may suggest clam juice)
          V8 (1 good sized container - can't remember the exact size)
          celery seed/salt
          fair amount of pepper
          tabasco sauce

          I think that's pretty much it as far as ingredients go. I may have forgotten something. Sorry for no measurements... it's pretty much an eyeball job. I'd usually let it "marinate" in the fridge with a few sticks of celery for at least a couple hours before I started drinking it.

          1. Here's another hint - ice in Bloodies can be frustrating. If you keep the vodka in the freezer and the juice in the fridge, you don't need much (if any) ice.

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              Yes...forgot to add that I always keep my Vodka in the freezer for that reason. Also, if you are making a Cosmo, the drink just taste better with the freezer Vodka. My favorite of the moment is Hanger 1 Vodka, out of San Francisco.