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Jun 5, 2007 02:43 PM

Camarillo/Oxnard Area Dinner Recs

I'm heading out to the outlets on Friday and my friends will be heading out to Port Hueneme Oxnard. Any good restaurants close to Camarillo or in Oxnard? The criterias are below.

1) No Chinese, as I don't trust Chinese in the Valley.
2) No Thai. I don't like Thai.
3) Japanese is okay, but it should not be too overpriced (around $30-40 per person max).
4) I prefer American, steak, or fusion.
5) Good food
6) Not too expensive (i.e. $20-$30 tops for an entree, prefer under $20).

Does such a place exist? Or, should I stick with Souplanatation or the Woodland Hills area?

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  1. There is actually one good Chinese restaurant in Camarillo, Peking Inn, 330 N. Lantana, fairly convenient to the outlet mall. I believe they have dim sum at lunch. As you may know there is a decent sized Chinese population in Thousand Oaks due to the fact that a lot of Chinese work at Amgen. However there is no decent Chinese food in Thousand Oaks (or Westlake Village or Oak Park or Agoura). Apparently, the Thousand Oaks Chinese all go over the hill to Peking Inn when they want authentic Chinese food.

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      Since I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley area, nothing in the Valley is even close. So, I just stay away from it until I head to San Gabriel.

      Any other recs?

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        I also live in TO and decided to try out the Peking Inn based on comments on this board. I have to say it is one of the best Chinese restaurants I have been to. They are also very accomodating. For instance I asked the hostess what dishes they had that included chicken and shrimp. She questioned me on how spicy I liked my food and whether I liked more vegetables or mostly the meat and fish. As a result they brought me a dish that wasn't on the menu that was essentually a huge platter of szechuan style chicken an shrimp with some scallions and no other vegetables. At around $13 this was an incredible bargain and tasted exquisite.

      2. La Paz in Calabasas(Yucantan style Mexican). Usually about $10 a head, without drinks.

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          I love La Paz, they give you enormous amounts of food that is so tasty.
          Try the fish dishes they are fabulous.

        2. You don't mention seafood - there's a great seafood joint in the Ventura Harbor area, called Andria's. I mean it's a joint, but good honest food. Otherwise you could try the Whale's Tail in the Channel Islands Harbor - it's a rather pedestrian sort of place, but lovely setting. I believe they serve steak.

          1. How about California Grill or Safire? Are those in the price range above? Are they any good?

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              I've been to California grill several times and it is consistantly good. If you go "early bird" (before 7 pm, I think) the prices are much lower - even alcohol is discounted.
              I've heard that Safire is good (haven't yet tried it). It's the same owners as California Grill. It is more expensive, however. Hope this helps for the next time you head up that way.

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                Both restaurants have great food, but Safire is a little pricey .
                THe food is always very good.

              2. There are some great restaurants in Ventura. Jonathons, The Sidecar, 71 Palms, Brooks, C street. Ventura is finally moving up in the Foodie world according to a recent article in a Food and Wine Article.

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                  I'm interested in this thread because my parents live at the Channel Islands Harbor and it'd be great to learn about some dining options in the vicinity (we usually eat at home). There is the Old Vienna in Ventura - probably a fossil by now but I like a good schnitzel: If you wish to cruise up the coast (and it is a stunning stretch of 101) to Mussel Shoals about 10 miles north of Ventura, the Shoals restaurant at the Cliff House Inn is in a breathtaking location literally on the cliff - gorgeous sunsets - and "American." They do serve a rib-eye steak and some chicken and pasta, I believe, but my being a seafoodie, I can definitely vouch for the seafood.

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                    I eat at Old Vienna once a week (Wednesday evenings if you want to say Guten Abend) and it is far from a fossil.

                    1. re: SwissMiss

                      That's good news! I haven't been to Old Vienna in so long I was concerned my recommendation might be outdated! What are your favorites there?

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                      Restaurant Brooks is a little far from the Camarrillo/Oxnard area originally started in this thread, but if you are in Ventura or don't mind a little drive (as you said, it's stunning) Restaurant Brooks is worth it. They offer a great tasting menu (w/ or w/o wine), and everything on their menu is yummy, esp. the foie gras and the Lobster Sope. It's a classy little joint with a laid back atmosphere and a good bar, definitely worth it.