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Jun 5, 2007 02:36 PM

I heart Neptune Oyster

i have decided its my new favorite seafood restaurant in Boston.

Went on friday night...waitstaff was exceptional. Very knowledgable and friendly.

I tried the Kim Crawford dry reisling that i had seen suggested in other threads....i will definitely be looking for that in the wine stores. anybody know where it can be found?

Even though they were out of the the lobster roll that i was craving all week, i was not disappointed in my meal at all. I got the trout and it was DELISH, as was everybody elses meals. The snapper was exceptional.

Really, where else can you get a meal that is a true culinary delight for their prices?

I need to go back to try out the fried clams, yet another one of my favorites foods!

Love this place...this is one of the only places, where i waiting for a table is WELL worth it!

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  1. I honestly think they have the best fried clams I've ever had, and they should be for $18 for a smallish appetizer.

    1. Amen to that!

      We went to NO last Saturday for lunch (only my second time there) with the friend who turned me on to chowhound years ago -- they were visiting from CA but had lived here for years. I was challenged to take them somewhere amazing that they had never been to (or as it turned out in this case, even heard of...) -- SCORE!! What a hit!

      There was no waiting (1:30p), we started with "the best oysters of our lives" (so good we ordered another round of the ones from Alaska - wow - and such perfect shucking!), "amazing crab salad", great wines at fair prices (Muscadet and Vinho Verde -- it was a warm afternoon), those perfect clams as a shared appetizer, the trout entree for me exceeded expectations (sad they were out of salmon/duck dish, however), and the always a must lobster roll (warm, buttery, and perfect!) .

      This is now on my top of the top list in Boston (so are Toro and Central Kitchen) and I vow to go there more often! It's an amazing place I might never have discovered without this board.

      PS - The waiter was great too -- he was serving the entire full room efficiently, pretty friendly, and with great recommendations (like the trout).

      It doesn't come cheap ($200 before tip for four), but worth every penny!

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      1. re: rlh

        The best way to order the fried clams is a half order at a time. The photos show the first half order, then the second half order. If you do it this way, they don't get too cold. I agree, though, the best oysters and the best fried clams.

          1. re: babyblue

            To be honest, I didn't read the menu description (after the Alaskan oysters, I totally trusted the waiter's endorsement of an alternative to the unavailable salmon -- which I WILL be back for soon!), but it seemed to basically be lightly coated with something and then pan-fried, then topped by richly braised fennel and with their amazing fried oysters (5-6) around the plate -- I may be forgetting something if anyone else can elaborate further.

            1. re: rlh

              there were also pearl onions that were slightly carmelized....and a small amount of creamy sauce over the trout.

          2. re: lizziee

            i am drooling at those pictures. i am supopsed to go to Oishii tongiht for dinner...i may need to go back to NO for the clams instead!

          3. re: rlh

            The salmon/duck's great, but it's one of the few dishes that's always on the menu, so you'll always have another chance...

          4. I think we should stop posting about Neptune, it's going to be impossible to get into that place (though I certainly am glad to know about it thanks to Chowhound).