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Jun 5, 2007 02:36 PM

Olive oil for Dipping?

Can anyone recommend an olive oil that is readily available in the west suburban area?
(I am close to TJ's WF and Lamberts, as well as SS+S and Shaws.) Has anyone tried the olive oil featured in glass "flippie" containers at Lamberts? The companion balsamic Vinegar is excellent, imho.


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  1. if you have a panera near you, i believe i saw that panera carries olive oils for dipping.....
    just a thought.

    1. I get a lot of EVOO samples through work, but my favorite, which I will actually pay my own grubby pennies for, is Divina, available in Whole Foods, and I don't know where else. It's grown on a plantation in Crete, and it's a single-estate oil. Forget the olive right now, cuz the bottle is at the BF's house...
      It's sharp and green a GRASSY.

      1. Also available at WF is my favorite price performer - Da Morgada Organic. I think it compares favorably to oils in the $30-40/btl range. It is a ripe, fruit-forward style, more akin to a Provencale oil than to an Tuscan. Divina, as mentioned, is a quality oil for low money, common in restaurant use for its value. Divina also manufacrtures most of the "private label" bulk antipasti, etc at WFM, such as the roasted red and yellow tomatoes, dolmas and various marinated olives.

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          This particular Divina product isn't part of the bulk line used in restaurants. It's much too grassy to use for cooking, fo one...I only use it to top the freshest greens from my garden...

          1. re: galleygirl

            Actually, it is. Divina Renieris Estate from Crete is available in 3L tins and, like Aria, Unio and Iliada - all readily available, is quite common in restaurant use. I wasn't aware of any other Divina extra virgin product.

            1. re: almansa

              Good to know, thanks! I'll have to get a bigger tin next time!

        2. Johne Dewar butcher shop in Newton and in Wellesley sell a wonderful greek olive oil
          "Ariston" - very green and fruity. They have it in a big vat and you fill a bottle and when you empty the bottle you can take it back for a refill minus the cost of the bottle. I believe you can get this oil also at Lookout Farm in s.Natick.

          1. If interested, your question just happens to coincide w/a NYTimes article about an olive oil competition in LA. Results won't be in until the 16th, but I'm def going to keep tabs.

            I once asked a restaurant about their particularly great olive oil; I was told the brand name is "Aria." I've been able to find it in stores and would certainly recommend it, but I do wonder if it's the same brand as the restaurant.

            A related question for all: Greek olive oil or Spanish?

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              Folks, this discussion is moving away from recommending places to buy olive oil in the Boston area. Please start a new thread on the General Chowhounding Topics board to discuss the best olive oils on the market. This info will help Chowhounds everywhere, and will help us keep this board a focused source of local chow tips.