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Jun 5, 2007 02:30 PM

Bachelorette party in Palm Springs..where to eat? what to do?

A friend is getting married this year and I'm putting a bachelorette party weekend in Palm Springs.

Could anyone give me suggestions where to eat a tasty dinner, but not break the bank (approx. 25 girls).

Plus, any cool things we could all do besides spa and golfing?

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  1. What's break the bank? The only place (not that I've eaten at all the places there) that I really love in Palms Springs is Caesar Steakhouse. The food, both surf and turf, is pretty stellar even compared to LA proper. Pricey, but I don't know how pricey because it was parents' treat. Probably $50+?

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      Not sure where Caesar Steakhouse is. I'm a local and have never heard of it anywhere in the desert. If you are thinking of the steakhouse where they make Caesar salad tableside it is LG's and it WILL break the bank.
      If you want a full bar, Matchbox is reasonably priced and the food is fine. The restaurant at the Viceroy is in my opinion over priced for the quality of the food but does have a nice atmosphere. Azul has a nice bar area and good tapas, although you may have to put a lot of small tables together.
      Zin is always good in the $30- range depending on how may courses you have. They only have beer and wine. The wine list is great and a lot of good values.
      Copley's is also nice. More $$$ but full bar.
      Spencer's is probably on the $$$ side as well and has very limited indoor seating if you are going in the summer. If you are waiting till the fall the outdoor dining is nice there.
      Kaiser is a tourist trap IMO

    2. I had dinner at the restaurant at the Viceroy last spring and really enjoyed it - and it would be a great place for a group of girls. It's not really cheap, but it wasn't horribly expensive as I recall. Good luck!

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        1. Folks, we removed some posts about nonfood activities, because they're outside the scope of our mission. We ask everyone to stay focused on deliciousness, as that's what we do best here. Sorry for the interrruption.

          1. I'm out in the Palm Springs area once a year for a meeting with a lot of guys who like to party. We used to head to Mikado at the Marriott for teppanyaki at least once during the trip. This last time we went to a new place started by the head chef at Mikado:
            Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
            71680 Highway 111
            Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
            (760) 674-0078

            The food is typical Benihana-style but the quality was much better in my opinion. Since they offer chicken and beef, it's usually the kind of place where everyone can find something to eat on the menu.

            I don't think they have a website but the place is setup perfectly for large parties and they welcome a little "rowdier" attitude than most places in the desert. The bartenders help encourage the fun and I'm sure if you called ahead, they could make sure you had adjacent tables and would maybe even get you a prix-fixe price for the whole group.