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Jun 5, 2007 02:29 PM

Union City Late Night Dinner Recommendation

I'm going to be in Union City tonight and would like some inexpensive recommendations. I don't think we'll be able to eat dinner until after 9 and don't want to end up at a chain or fast food. Anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you!

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  1. very slim pickin's if you don't want a chain... it's a tuesday... so really, there isn't much.. and if there are chains open, which you don't want, they may not be open that late either...

    are you stuck in union city or are you open to newark, fremont, hayward areas? there's a boba place that serves food over in newark by the mall (i think you make on cedar coming from the freeway and it's on the right hand side).... i think they are open late and it's not a chain... well, at least not that i know of...

    oh there is also papillion on mission by decoto... it's french.. but since it's a tuesday, they might close at 9 or even 9:30.... you should call them... soemtimes we go pretty late just for dessert... i really do enjoy their food.. and definitely NOT a chain... =) oh but you also said inexpensive... yikes... slim pickins indeed...

    1. Not 100% sure if they open past 9 but IIRC, many of them still opens past 9 pm. Have you checked the Marina shopping complex ? Lots of ethnic food there such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, etc. Search the board under Union City and call them to make sure. I am positive they still open at 9.

      My advise is stick with the tried and true dishes that hounds have tried before. If you stray, you might be disappointed. Check previous posts.

      Jollibee is Filipino fast food in Union City near the Kripy Kreme/Best Buy but they are not your usual McDonald type. Very interesting selections such as palabok, burger steak, chicken - all very tasty for sure. Any hounds would enjoy them. They are not gourmet by any means but nevertheless quite tasty.

      1. I haven't been here yet, but this place on their website said they are open until 10pm. It's Asian Fusion, Filipino food:

        The Big Kitchen
        34672 Alvarado Niles Rd
        (between Decoto Rd & Mann Ave)
        Union City, CA 94587
        (510) 441-2775

        Please report back where you end up!

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        1. re: hhc

          Thanks all for the feedback. I don't know where I'll end up, but if it's something interesting or very bad, I'll definitely report back.

          1. re: hhc

            I was very disappointed with the Big Kitchen when we ate there for dinner a few months ago. I do like "fusion" cuisine, but the chicken adobo was dry & a little on the tough side. It is a chicken breast with an "artful" drizzle of adobo sauce. Since it wasn't cooked in the traditional way, it lacked flavor. The paella was also under par. It was short on fillings, and as a result, also on the bland side. In general the portions are small. I don't agree with charging $2.00 for a miniscule portion of poorly done garlic fried rice (garlic was burned). Too late for the OP, but I would recommend the nearby Gerry's Grill for late night eats, open from 11am to midnight Sunday thru Thursday and 11am to 2 am Friday & Saturday.

            1. re: SanJoseHound

              I heard that Jerry's Grill is filipino food? Have you been there? Is it greasy? do they put too much oil? I usually make or defer to my family and their friends for filipino food. the only filipino food in the bay that i eat is max's and andrea's, (red ribbon for dessert) i am pretty picky about preparation since i have a sensitive stomach in that regard... So how does Jerry's compare?

              1. re: kinipela

                Yes, Gerry's Grill is Filipino food. I am Filipino myself, so I think I have pretty high standards ;) About the "is it greasy/too much oil" question, I think a lot of Filipino cuisine is pretty unhealthy per se. A lot of "favorite" dishes are deep fried, for example. One of my favorite dishes, the Crispy Beef Ribs, is guilty of that. But its oh-so-good! And my mom likes the crispy pata, another not so healthy dish. However the grilled squid is also good, and not fried. People either seem to love or hate Gerry's. To me, it isn't innovative fusion cuisine like Luneta Bistro, but a good intro. I would personally rate it higher than Max's. And of course, there's always the issue of "Does my Dad/Lola/Auntie make a better version?" which I think sometimes weighs too heavily in the judgement. With some dishes, of course friends or relatives can always make it better (at least we tell them so!) But sometimes you just want to have a dining experience outside of home. My grandmother, who is extremely picky with restaurant food in general, and of course even more so with Pinoy cuisine, has given Gerry's her nod of approval. So have I. Of course, it is also nice that they have a full bar. But I digress =)

                Gerry's Grill
                31005 Courthouse Drive, Union Landing Complex
                Phone: 510-441-9900

                1. re: SanJoseHound

                  hahaha yeah i have high standards too.. haha lots of people like manila garden but my stomach for some reason can't handle manila garden... ack...

                  i went on the website and saw that it's a chain from the pinas... and i saw that they have lechon kawali!!! yum!

                  this is good to know since i've been craving max's fried chicken and their garlic fried... and i don't want to make the trek to south city.... (i'll have to compare the notes and make my own review.. hahah)

                  one more IMPORTANT thing though... how's the crowd like??? 'cause if it's a sit down in the middle of union city... i'm gonna want to know.. in case i'm not feeling in "kababayan" mood....

                  maraming salamat! =)

                  1. re: kinipela

                    It kinda reminds me of TGI Friday's, decor wise. I don't think its what people expect when they think "Filipino" restaurant. It is a sit-down place, not turo-turo. I think the crowd depends on when you go. Fri & Sat they're open til 2am, so anytime after 10pm its packed. Weekday dinner-time is less crowded & even weekend lunch-time is manageable.