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Jun 5, 2007 02:27 PM

Dress "code" in Barcelona

I am heading to Barcelona and will hit some nice restaurants. i want to wear my crocs. will this be o.k.? thanks


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  1. Hi Matt, got any room for a stowaway in your suitcase? I lived in Spain and traveled around quite a bit and the Spanish dress more 'smartly' than Americans. So do the Portuguese. Admittedly, I haven't been for awhile, but my guess is that crocs in nice restuarants won't fly.

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      As others have said, the Spanish are very stylish. If you want to stand out as a tourist, wear white tennis shoes, or a t-shirt, or casual shorts. Even in the brutal heat of the summer, the people are dressed to the teeth. Styley Adidas might be better if they're really styley and not white! The people will be warm and gracious no matter what you wear, but after being in Spain and Portugal I always feel like completely trashing my wardrobe!

    2. You can wear them--but you'll be the only one... Still, I doubt anyone would give you any trouble about it.

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        thanks for the info. what about styley adidas?

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          That would be better. Sandals are fine, too--it's just that crocs never took off here (the only place I've seen people wearing them is at my dentist's office...). But by all means wear them out and about if they are comfy--you'll be walking a lot.