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Jun 5, 2007 02:10 PM

Artz: no free lunch

There is no free lunch. Artz proved it today. I ordered the board special, beef ribs with 3 sides. Upon my inquiry, based on previous experience, the waitress assurred me that they were not dry. But she did not tell me was that they would be 3 HUGH bones with very little meat, much gristle and skin, and salty enough to make the Dead Sea seem sweet. On the other hand, the sides were good and the iced tea was wonderful, though orphaned after the initial serving. The price: $7. Too much for what I got, to say the least. I'll stick to Artz's hamburger next time - one of the best in town. I have noticed that the food at Artz seems to overly salty lately. The owner probably thinks I'm nuts, as he seemed to indicate the last time I pointed this out to him, walking way from me with a bewildered look ... has anyone else noticed this? The salt, not the look of bewilderment ...

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  1. I have not been to Artz in several years, but I quit going because of the extreme saltiness of everything I tried.

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      i eat at artz regularly and have for a while and haven't noticed it being any saltier than before. but i stick to the burgers and the baby backs which i think carry the place. i have had hit and miss experiences there with the beef ribs and the country styles. i always skip the sides. i'll hit it again soon and see if i notice the saltiness.

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        I forgot to mention that, in explaining the saltiness of the ribs, the owner claimed that the rub on one portion of ribs may have been applied too thickly. Hamlet could not have put it better: To sleep: perchance to dream of better ribs: ay, there's the rub

      2. Artz grilled veggies are terrific. Try them if you haven't.

        1. The babybacks are tender and smoky; I don't remember them being overly salty, but it's been a few months since I've been. I'll have to go back and see, though I do remember thinking the country style ribs were a bit saltier than I liked.

          I do like their skewers of spicy grilled shrimp, and a guilty pleasure of mine is to get a plate of the chopped beef nachos; they're like small town ballpark food.