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Jun 5, 2007 01:38 PM

Battery Park & South Street Seaport

I am visiting the Statue of Liberty on Saturday, and am wondering if there are some quality eats within a mile or so of Battery Park. I am open to all cuisines and price ranges. I know that Liberty and Ellis Islands have cafeteria style food, but I will return to Battery Park by mid afternoon, and will be hoping to have some thing higher quality.

Thanks in advance for any recs.


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  1. Both Battery Park and the South St. Seaport are in the Financial district. There have been lots of CH threads about places in that area.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      I went to Bin 220 for lunch and had an antipasta appetizer with sweet and hot sopressata, proscuitto, salami and mortadella, along with Pellegrino water. I was the only one dining, and it was very nice and quiet. I asked the waitress specific questions about where the salami was from and she didn't know, as she had been there only a few weekends. The portions were miniscule, a few slices of salami, sopresatta and proscuitto and half a slice of mortadella. The appetizer was $12 and I thought way overpriced for what I got.

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        I have only been to Bin 220 a few times when it first opened. Ambience is nice but prices are not (our portions were small and bread was stale). Bin 220 just started serving lunch recently. There are many better lunch palces in Seaport North. You might want to do a search and see recent threads since there are alot of new restaurants in the area. You might want to check out Table Tales (on Water) for lunch if you haven't already.

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      1. Southwest New York by the World Financial Center is worth a visit. Avoid Steamer's Landing -- I went there a couple of weeks ago and it was bad.

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          What was bad about Steamer's Landing? I have only been there for brunch. Also, I used to go to Southwest and found the quality declined. Has it gotten better? Is it worth trying again when I venture to the West Side downtown?

        2. Almost forgot about the Ritz. If you want a splurge lunch/brunch/high tea you can dine at the Ritz. Of course, if the weather is nice it won't give you the option of dining outdoors. Last time I went service was relaxed (not good if you are in a hurry), everything was delicious.