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Jun 5, 2007 01:36 PM

Popeye Lovers - Onion Rings Are Back

Here in the Northeast, Popeye's doesn't do onion rings any longer - hasn't in years. I hear they do in other locations, such as in the South.

I saw in our local paper they are currently offering them for a limited time period so of course, I had to go last night and get me some. I ordered it as a side to my usual spicey wing meal - they were supposed to only give you 6 rings, but they sure piled them into the box for me.

Yum! I was in heaven. They were as good as I remembered. Wish they would keep them around for good. This was in the So. Plainfield, NJ location.

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  1. Aren't they great? I live in Louisiana and they also have the onion strips; like the ring, but in little finger forms

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      You know, I sort of remember those too when Popeyes first showed up like 25 years ago in NYC. Yummy. I don't know why they don't keep them on the menu up here - it's not like us Northerners don't like onions rings. My husband prefers them to fries any day.

    2. i wish there was a popeyes close to us. there was one that use to be 45 minutes away but that one closed down. then there was one where my little brother went to school and that was over 3 hours away. oh how i miss my popeyes. im a new orleans girl at heart....

      1. I got these today and I was really disapointed. The onions themselves were great, but I felt like the batter or breading or whatever you want to call it was kind of tough and flavorless. They were just out of the deepfryer, and too hot to even eat for a couple of minutes, so it wasn't that they were old. They were just boring.

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          I love Popeyes Spicy Chicken. I love the biscuits. The red beans and rice is the best fast food side ever.
          They just started doing the Onion rings. I agree completely with lulubelle.

        2. And their chicken is also great - not greasy at all. Onion rings are just wonderful!

          1. They're available in some DC locations, but it's sometimes an off-menu item that you have to explicitly ask for. The staff doesn't like to prepare them because they have to be made fresh. I've never seen them sitting under a heat lamp.