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Jun 5, 2007 01:18 PM

Buckhead, Atlanta. Recommendations please

Dear 'hounders,
I am visiting my sister this weekend who's interning in Atlanta over the summer. Since neither of us are familiar with the city, we would love some dinner recommendations in the Buckhead area. However, because we do not have a car, the place has to be reasonably close to the subway stops or easily accessible by cabs.
We love food and eat everything, and would like to keep the tab under $100 for the both of us before tax and tips.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. i visited my sister in atlanta last fall and had a good meal at the Buckhead diner. We started with blue cheese potato chips, the chips were made there and coated with melting gobs of blue cheese... really really yummy. I don't remember the rest of the meal but I would go back for the chips alone. She was staying in Buckhead so the cost of a cab was quite cheap. I think the price is right in your range (depending on what you get.)

    While not as accessible, though there is bus service, the Highlands area seemed really fun and a good place to hang out. Neat bars and restaurants with little shops and pretty older cottage houses. I remember taking a cab out there but i don't remember how we got back, we might have taken a bus or caught another cab.

    Also we went for drinks at the top of the Peachtree Weston that was pretty neat. The bar rotates and has markings to kind of clue you into what you are seeing.

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      Thanks! My sis is actually interning at the Westin this summer so I am definitely going to make it up the revolving restaurant =)

    2. You must go to Eclipse di Luna, in Miami Circle off Piedmont (cab will be easy) - great tapas bar and a fun scene. Make a reservation, as they fill up. Th-Sat they have live salsa, merengue, etc music.

      Try to get to the Highlands - cabs are plentiful, as are fun young bars and casual restaurants.

      1. Not knowing where you are in Buckhead, but I do love this restaurant, Anis. It's in a little house in Buckhead, it is great. You sit outside and the food is wonderful. It is on a sideroad off of Pharr Rd.
        There are a bunch of great restaurants in the Highlands area also. But you can stay in Buckhead and have a great time.

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        1. re: Katj

          I forgot that one! Anis is fantastic - good mention. Enjoy!

          1. re: erowan

            I did a search on both Anis and it seemed a great recommendation, unfortunately my sis isn't too keen on French food right now. Eclipse di Luna on the other hand sounds like a lot of fun and I love tapas!
            What recommendations do you have for little five points and virginia highlands area? I only just started doing some research on Atlanta and those sound like cool places to hang out.
            Thanks so much again!

            1. re: xigua

              murphy's in virginia highlands
              vortex for burgers & bar food in little 5 points

              if you're on the MARTA train, you might like the decatur stop. lots of restaurants within walking distance of the station, cute shops for clothes, shoes, & home.

        2. It would be helpful to know what is most important to you: getting a sense of a this part of Atlanta and having a few pretty good meals at the same time or is the focus on the food?

          If the food is the thing, my first suggestion is based on the fact that you are staying in Buckhead, presumably need to travel by cab and are willing to spend a significant amount to eat for two people. If your travel plans allow, consider Restaurant Eugene on Sunday evening. They serve a very fun and upscale twist on a Southern dinner for $30.00 per person, which is somewhat cheaper than you are likely to pay on a different night. (They have a website but for some reason I can't attach the link to this post - maybe it will turn up when I hit send, but if it doesn't Google them for the menu.)

          I think the choices at Restaurant Eugene are great, the service is outstanding, the place is very cool without being a scene and the chef (Linton Hopkins, recently on Iron Chef - silly, but he beat out several well known and exceptional chefs in Atlanta for the gig) is outstanding. I have agreed with others in threads on these boards that this may be one the very best places of its kind in Altanta.

          If you can't get to Restaurant Eugene on Sunday, others have given you good suggestions. If your focus is Buckhead because that is where you are staying, give some thought to Kyma for some excellent Greek food in a fun, very Buckhead atmosphere.

          Buckhead Diner is still very good as is Eclipse de Luna. If you are considering Eclipse de Luna, think about getting there in time to browse some of the interesting and pricey antique shops before dinner.

          I haven't seen anybody say anything about OK Cafe in awhile. Very Buckhead, inasmuch as you will drive through the old, wealthy part of what used to be the 'burbs of the city in order to get there. In fact, you would drive past the Governor's mansion. Consider it for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday, but expect a wait unless you skip church and have breakfast when others didn't do as you did. (Don't forget, you are in Atlanta.) Although it is very bad in a very good way, the chicken fried steak at OK Cafe hits the spot. The greens have been awesome, but not always.

          If you tell more about what is most important to you for your trip, I will try to tailor my suggestions a bit more. I expect others will too.

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          1. re: bananna slug

            My personal favorite in Buckhead is Aria. It too is in a small converted house and service and food there has always been stellar. I love the warm lobster cocktail and the celery root soup and, if it's available, the tangerine pannacotta (seasonal) dessert. I've never had anything there I didn't like.

            And I'll second the recommendation for Restaurant Eugene. It's definitely one of the best restaurants in Atlanta though it may push your $100 for two limit (unless you do the Sunday Dinner as mentioned above).

            1. re: bananna slug

              I am actually not staying in Buckhead but my sis is working there and since I only have the weekend, I was going to get to Buckhead from the airport, meet her there and see the neighborhood, and then do other things for Saturday and Sunday.
              Food's not the main issue even though I like to eat well, I would rank convenience before food. Restaurant Eugene's menu looks great, but I am leaving the city on Sunday afternoon so will miss out on the dinner deal. But I'll pass on that info. to my sis. OK cafe sounds yummy!
              We decided to blow our budget and go to Bones tonight for dinner. Does anyone have
              any suggestions what to order?
              Thanks again for the help!

              1. re: xigua

                Start with the lobster bisque, it is the best you have ever had. It will bring tears to your eyes, it is that great. Good choice.

                1. re: Katj

                  Thank you Katj for the suggestion. Unfortunately, my flight got cancelled this past weekend and I didn't make it to Atlanta!! But my sister found another friend to go to Bones with her and had the lobster bisque as you suggested and some of the best steaks she's ever had... She has since made reservations to bring me there 2 wkends from now when I finally make it to Atlanta (crosses fingers)

                  1. re: xigua

                    You are so welcome. I am glad your sister got to enjoy and I know you will enjoy too when you get here.
                    I hope you and your sister have a great time in Atlanta!