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Jun 5, 2007 01:14 PM

Lunch at Hollywood & Highland

Hey, just in case I've missed something, any suggestions for Lunch venues near H&H?? Been all over, need to be close enough to walk eat and be back within an hour.

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  1. Lucky Strike's not a bad place to grab a bite. And you can bowl too!

    1. I second Lucky Strike. Vert has gone way downhill, and you'll pay at least $20 for lunch at The Grill. Lucky Strike actually has fresh, good food at reasonable prices...lots of choices.

      Tuna Toast:

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      1. re: tokyoastrogirl

        Thanks for the advice ... so funny, I wrote the post then went to lunch (at Lucky Strike) then came back to see two recommendations. My steak sandwich was great, though we did wait a while for the food. Any ideas about lunch tomorrow?

        1. re: benner

          The cafe at the Musician's Institute across the street has great burgers. Can't remember what the name of that cafe is.

      2. 25 Degrees right across the street. Great burgers and onion rings.

        There is also a California Pizza Kitchen in the H&H complex. Probably not what you're asking for as it's a chain, but I'm currently addicted to their Thai Chicken Pizza.

        1. I like The Dip at H&H. I like Philippe's but I think that the sanwich is better at the Dip. The last time I was there the owner, Borat's pruducer in the movie took my order. A little bit of Hollywood in Hollywood.

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          1. re: chuck

            I tried the Dip last week and thought it was bland. Tha sandwich was big, but awful. The meat tasted boiled, was grey and flavorless. No sign of roasting at all. The bread was sub par as well, no crust, like a roll made out of wonder bread.

            It's pricey, but The Grill is the best in the H&H complex.

            1. re: rednyellow

              I agree with rednyellow about The Dip. Nothing good to speak of, but the Borat trivia is mildly interesting...

          2. OK to add further to the criteria... Anything healthy???

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              You can definitely do healthy at Koji's for sushi and shabu shabu... No, not the best, but certainly healthful, especially if you go easy on sauces and noodles.