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Jun 5, 2007 12:53 PM

Great Sea Food Place in SF City.

Some place I can get to via public transportation would work.

Could I have some currently good spots to consider?
Lunch or diner casual dress accepted

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  1. Tadich Grill. Lots of comments on this board

      1. Hayes St. Grill, now and forever...

        1. Ferry Plaza Seafood and Hog Island in the Ferry Building. They're right next to each other.

          1. Pacific Cafe on 34th and Geary is hands down the Best. geary Bus and free wine while you wait on line, I KNOW seafood and nothing even touches pacific cafe. Been a regular since 1975

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            1. re: mustardgirl

              >Been a regular since 1975<

              Do you still have to wait outside in the cold wind, albeit with a free glass of wine? (My long-term memory is good.)

              1. re: Mick Ruthven

                And the wine's best attribute is that it's free . . .

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  That's one long ride unless you live in that neighborhood up by the Cliff Houe / Legion of Honor ... ish.

              2. re: mustardgirl

                I did go to the Pacific Cafe in Kentfield a few (several?) yeara ago, but still recent compared to my long-ago visits to the one on Geary in the city. I went against my better judgment but remember being pleasantly surprised with how good the food was. I don't remember what we had (of course it was fish), but it really couldn't have been better for what it was - not-too-adventurous food quite well prepared, including the sides, and a very good value. It was better than my memory of the SF place which I never much liked, even forgetting the cold wait and bad wine; I always much preferred the original Scott's on Lombard. But the meal at the Kentfield place was quite good.