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Jun 5, 2007 12:50 PM

Dinner by the Canon Theatre?

I'm going to see "We Will Rock You" at the Canon, and I'm looking for a place for an early pre-show meal. Was checking out One Up, but I haven't heard anything about it. Reviews? I'm hoping to stay up in the Yonge/Dundas area, but I'm having trouble finding something nicer than Mr. Greenjeans (ick!). I know there must be something.

All suggestions welcome! We're not picky eaters!

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  1. Try Salad King or if you want nicer, go upstairs to Linda. Great thai food

    1. Mr. Greenjeans closed a while ago... Superior is right beside the Canon and specializes in pre-theatre dining. While not cheap the food is quite good. (


      Other options are:
      Salad King / Lindas for Thai - lots of good reviews on this site
      One Up - I have never been to but sounds from what I know like a 80's Italian place
      Baton Rouge - get mixed reviews here but basically a ribs/ steakhouse place in a medium price range
      Terroni on Victoria for nice pizza and pasta..

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        when did mr green jeans close? (not that thats a loss..)

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          I may be mistaken.. was Greenjeans on the Dundas side at street level?

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            Mr. Greenjeans didn't close - they just renovated (without improving their menu or service in my opinion). It's up a level Dundas side in the Eaton's Centre.

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        1. I was at One Up for my birthday party 3 years ago. For a dinner party of 30 they handled it really well. The service was attentative ( they created a speicial martini under my name!); the food is fusion, and can be hit or miss. I remember the mains are in the $20 range. Some creative entrees, but nothing wowed us. We did thoroughly enjoyed their martini and appetizer menus.
          I can tell you what NOT to try:
          Spring Rolls (shudders! i know people go there for their pre-theatre package, but the food is just Awful)
          Superior ( expensive and poor wine list)

          my recommendations:
          Japango at Elizabeth and Dundas. Excellent sushi at great price.
          Matagali near Elm and Bay. Really friendly staff and cozy joint.
          Salad King. consistent food quality and fast service. but i wouldnt call it a "nice" place.

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            The Senator is another option. It's not fine dining but pretty good food and right by the theatre's back entrance. I haven't been there for a couple years, but my dad and his wife went there before a show a couple months ago and enjoyed it. Their website is broken at the moment but should be at

          2. i had a fantastic dinner at savoy bostro a few months ago.
            it's behind the cannon on victoria st.

            we went when there was no show going on so it was slow- but the service and food was great. they do rely on the theatre crowd for the majority of their business so hopefully they give the same level of quality and service when they're busy.

            35 elm is in the same neighborhood.
            food was great- portion sizes were small (but not pricey) service was horrible though. i went there because they were hiring servers- i went to scope it out before my interview. i declined the position.