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Jun 5, 2007 12:45 PM

NOWHERE in Punta Gorda

I tried last week, but I'll try again: will be in Punta Gorda area, does anybody know of any decent places to eat (no chain restaurants, please).
Thank you

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  1. You could go north a few miles to Port Charlotte, there's more places there I believe. Joe Crackers is near the Port Charlotte mall. They had a good steak sandwich the time I went. They also have *chain restaurants* :(

    You could try Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda though, although I haven't been in a while.

    1. wow ... you are missing some great places to eat ...
      . the perfect caper
      . river city grill
      . turtle club
      . zen
      the last three are right downtown kind of in a row along Marion Ave ... awesome dining ... hope you try out one or two of the above places ... you will not be disappointed ...

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        I agree on RIver CIty Grill. I took my mom there a couple of years back. Food was excellent. Atmosphere really upscale and lively but not loud. Plus, there is an early bird special (can't recall details, but it was a DEAL, e.g., buy one entree, get the second half-price, or better).

        Have not tried the others mentioned. But most are all next to each other, and easy to check out. The menus look tasty, and the atmosphere in all of them is very nice. Not difficult to park, either.

        Monty's on US 41 is good for pizza and calzones. Not as good as before Charley the Hurricane decimated their stand-alone restaurant on 41. Now they are in a strip mall, near a Publix as you enter PG from the south on 41.
        My sister and her husband love the calzones. I loved the pizza, but was not happy last time with the Italian sausage topper. Tasted game-y. Maybe a fluke.

        Head down to Fabio's in North Fort Myers for excellent Italian (Northern and Southern), and grouper subs (subs only during weekday lunch, I think) . Long time family favorite on Hancock Bridge Parkway. See my post about Fort Myers restaurants on this site. Fabio's is definitely worth the trip from Punta Gorda to NFM for an excellent Italian dinner that is great value for money.

      2. The perfect CAPER is the BEST!! It reminds me of one of my favorite restaurants in New York city the Auerole!

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