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Jun 5, 2007 12:31 PM

L.A. Hound seeking Sunday (6/10/07) breakfast ideas in northern Milwaukee suburbs

The younger of our two Grafton, WI nephews is graduating from Grafton High on Sunday. We're looking to have breakfast with my brother and his family, in from Northern Calif., and my stepsister and her family who live in Viroqua, WI. I asked my stepsister to think of ideas but thought I would check here also. Two years ago, before the other nephew's graduation, we had breakfast at the Heinemann's on or just off of Brown Deer Rd. around Port Washington Rd. This time I think we may be looking for something closer to Grafton, since my stepsister and her family are staying in Grafton and we all have to head up there anyway for the ceremony. My husband and I, and my brother and his family, are staying on Brown Deer Rd. (Sheraton Four Points across from Fox 6 for us, a Holiday Inn Express somewhere in that vicinity for my brother). There's apparently a Heinemann's in Grafton but my stepsister thinks it may be too crowded due to graduation day. Our group will be six adults and two 6-year olds so we'll probably be eating fairly early in the morning so the kidlets are satisfied. One of the adults is a vegetarian - she eats eggs and dairy but no fish or meat or poultry. I only get to Milwaukee every few years and I don't know the area very well, although I could find Kopps with my eyes closed! Is there anything in Grafton? Maybe in Mequon? Thanks.

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  1. Pandl's in Bayside has the best Sunday brunch in WI. They are located on Brown Deer Rd and Lake Drive. They serve 10:00-2:00. Make reservations. You won't be dissapointed.

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    1. re: Mel Carne

      I hope their brunch is better than their lunches & dinners, which have gone waaaay downhill... I admit, have never tried brunch at Pandl's.

      I've also never eaten brunch at Cafe 1505 in Mequon, but was favorably impressed with a lunch there & the baked goods case looked absolutely delicious!!

      1. re: torta basilica

        My stepsister says she grew up one block from Pandl's. We've been stepsisters since her dad, who lived in L.A., married my mom back in 1973. We were teenagers then and she and her sister would come out to see us (and her brother lived out here with us for a short while).

        Anyway, Pandl's might be more "restauranty" than we need for that breakfast. I'll ask her about Cafe 1505.

        Don't you live in O.C? I see you on the L.A. board.

        1. re: Debbie W

          Yes, in Newport, but my in-laws live in Shorewood, WI, so we're back there a lot!

          1. re: torta basilica

            We decided on Cafe 1505, it looks perfect for our group which turns out to be 10 people. Thanks for the rec.

            1. re: Debbie W

              Hope it's good for brunch!! Nice because it's in a little upscale shopping center & people can wander before or after.

    2. Here's a brief report:

      Sunday breakfast at Cafe 1505 was perfect for our group of 10. We sat at a round table in the back. At first the hostess wanted to split us up into two tables but we assured her we'd be willing to squish a tiny bit (not much squishing was required) to all sit together. My omelet of oven dried tomatoes, spinach, artichoke and mozzarella was really good. Others liked their food, and with lots of food, coffees, juices, etc. the bill was only $10.50 per person including tax and tip. Maybe not so inexpensive by Wisc. standards but from my Los Angeles perspective, a real bargain. Service was fine but a bit slow.

      Two visits to Kopps on this trip, both a grand success and now I'm missing Kopps again.

      Breakfast Monday at Heinemann's in Bayside. Blah, but my mom loves it.

      Lunch at Coast near the art museum downtown. Didn't do any research for places to eat downtown, didn't even know we'd be going to the museum. My mom said she'd been to the restaurant on a prior trip but that was about all she could remember. The weather was the best I've ever had it in Milwaukee, for once no humidity, so we sat on the patio. Just me and my husband, my mom and her boyfriend. Service was excruciatingly slow, in fact it took an hour to get our food and the restaurant wasn't crowded and we ordered a hamburger, a lobster blt, a pizzetta and a salad, nothing extraordinary. We were enjoying the day and finally noticed it had been forever since we'd ordered. This wasn't prime lunchtime either, we didn't even sit until 1:15. Asked for the manager, just then he came with the food and beat us to the punch by saying our entire meal was comped due to the delay, and we could also order coffees or drinks or desserts on the house (which we didn't). While it would've been nice to have some sort of contact from the management during the wait, at least he dealt with it correctly. The food was decent too.

      Then we went over to Sprecher's for a tour including tasting a generous amount of beers and sodas.

      Dinner that night was at a restaurant in Port Washington where we've been before but I can't remember the name of. It's at the northern edge of town right on the water, where you can take a semi-dangerous walk out to the lighthouse. Food so-so again, but the service was spot-on for our group of 11 including three ravenous boys ages 17, 19 and 20.

      Thanks again Torta for your rec. of 1505.

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