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Jun 5, 2007 11:47 AM

Del Frisco's Lemon Cake

The Lemon Cake at Del Frisco's is my boyfriend's favorite dessert of all time. Just curious... Has anyone ever come across a recipe... or even a NYC bakery that makes something close??

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  1. If you call ahead, they will sale an entire cake (which if I recall is pretty reasonable given the per slice fee at the restaurant). I have not found a recipe.

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    1. re: ChrisZ

      Love that Lemon Cake.....its like sugar crack!...

    2. I love it too!!! Actually I work in the building and sometimes we'll go down for a mid afternoon coffee and cake!

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      1. re: Papaya

        VERY jealous!! I am stranded way downtown.. although... my perhaps that is better for my waist line!

      2. You could write in to Bon Appetit. They have a column where they obtain and publish recipes for readers' favorite restaurant dishes.

        1. I love this cake too. As far as steakhouse cakes this and Strip House's chocolate cake are great. I wonder if they will tell you what bakery they get it from unless they make it in house... not sure. You can buy Strip House's cake at Neiman Marcus.. if you are willing to throw down $100!