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Jun 5, 2007 11:35 AM

PEI in June

We're headed to PEI the third week in June. I've read a lot of posts over the past year, just wondering if anyone has any new recommendations for this year, "must do's" as well as "must avoid's".
Any price range, any types of food, restaurants, bakeries, dairies, where to buy fresh seafood, etc.
Thanks lots.

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  1. There are lots of places to avoid in Charlottetown. A lot of steak houses and bad pubs, all very cookie cutter.

    That being said there is still plenty to recommend. First off, for the best seafood fresh off the boat, check out Carr's Pound in Stanley Bridge. They have fresh and cooked lobster and will shuck you some oysters while you wait. They also smoke fish and will deliver. Oyster Boy in Toronto gets a lot of their oysters from Carr's. Carr's also has a restaurant/pub just up the road. Last time I went I had some fried oysters, bread and beer. Just lovely.

    In Victoria-by-the-Sea Eugene Sauvé runs a nice little spot called the Landmark Café. Again, nice seafood and some Island and French Canadian dishes. Eugene’s tortiere is very good.

    In Charlottetown you can find some very good Lebanese food at Cedar’s Eatery. Maroun and his wife have been running this place for over 25 years. The mixed plate is good - includes kibbe, yabrak, tabouleh and hommous. Also the beef and chicken sharwarmas are great.

    The Dundee Arms Inn has a restaurant and pub and chef Patrick Young usually puts out some very good food, in the dining room especially. The pub food is pub food, just better quality than usual.

    Finally Flex Mussels is opening a restaurant in Charlottetown on the waterfront and I’ve heard that this is the place to be for fresh Island mussels. I haven’t been yet, but am looking forward to trying them out.

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    1. Personally, I think that a trip to P.E.I. isn't complete without a traditional lobster supper. My favourite of the bunch is in New Glasgow. For ~$40 you get fresh rolls, all the mussels, chowder or soup you care to eat and a 1.5 pound lobster with pie and/or ice cream for dessert. The restaurant overlooks the Clyde River which is beautiful in June. Just 10 minutes from Cavendish and ~30 minutes from Charlottetown along some very scenic roads.

      1. We usually go to PEI every year. Places we have enjoyed have been the Lucy Maude Dining Room and Off Broadway both in Charlottetown. The Luce Maude is the dining room associated with the Culinary Institute of Canada where the young chefs can show off their skills. I've dined there three time in the past couple of years and have not been disappointed. Great view of the harbour. Off Broadway was also memorable.

        1. For fresh baked goods, Shelly's Bakery in Charlottetown. (People line up to wait for the bread and rolls to come out of the oven).
          For steaks and seafood, if you want to cook it yourself, the Queen Street Meat Market (it's on Unversity Ave) is an "old fashioned" butcher that has everything from lobster to beef tongue.
          There is a new chef at Dayboat in Hunter River. It has been written up in the Globe and Enroute Magazine in past years. (It's higher end)
          The Pilot House and the Merchantman are two very popular restaurant/pubs with the locals. (mid priced)
          The Claddagh Oyster House has great oysters, and a pretty good wine list. I have been 3 times in the past few monthes and haven't been disapointed with the meals or service.
          Off Broadway is quite good (but small-so make reservations) and the bar upstairs has great cocktails and is popular after the theatre. (Confederation Centre)
          Piece a Cake, in the Confederation Court Mall, has wonderful salads and pastas for lunches.
          If you want to have lobster and don't want to go to a restaurant, we often will go to the Water Prince Corner Shop and pick out our lobster and have them cooked to take back to the cottage. With some salads, and some mussels or clams, it is a great dinner.
          The Lucy Maud Montgomery Dining Room is not always open, so call first. It is staffed with the students from the Atlantic Culinary Institute, so when they are on break it is closed. But it is good, and the view is probably one of the best in Charlottetown.
          Hope this helps. Let us know what you thought.

          1. What do people think about the Inn at Bay Fortune? Any good?

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            1. re: BarnNB

              I had a negative experience there on my honeymoon. So, I haven't eaten there.
              Long story short: they lost our room reservation. We had to drive back to Charlottetown to find a place to stay. I asked to speak to the manager (before we left) and was told he was "busy" but he'd call me later. We waited till almost 6:30, and when we hadn't heard from them, I called the Inn. All that was ever said was "Well, are you going to come for your dinner reservation at 8?" (Yes, they had our dinner reservation, and we'd made them at the same time.)
              As a matter of principal, we have never eaten there, nor will we.
              Anyone that I have talked to that has eaten there has said it was good, but not great.